Warm Tone Affordable Eyeshadow Palette under Php2000.00

A Closer Look at the Zoeva Caramel Melange Palette from Sephora Philippines

Warm Tone Affordable Eyeshadow Palette under Php2000.00
It’s been months since I picked up two new eyeshadow palettes from Sephora PH – the Zoeva Caramel Melange Palette and the Rose Golden Palette. I wanted to take advantage of the birthday promo and the Christmas promo and I am so happy I didn’t talk myself out of that birthday splurge because the Caramel Melange palette has now become one of my favorite eyeshadow palettes (ever). Definitely in my Top 3 of all time (naks)!

The Caramel Melange palette was part of Zoeva’s holiday releases and was actually included in their holiday Plaisir box (along with the Blanc Fusion and Cocoa Blend), but they released it as individual palettes as well. This was my second choice after Cocoa Blend since that was the one I have been reading so many great things about, but it was out of stock at the time so I got this instead along with the Rose Golden palette. It all worked out in the end though because I don’t have a lot of warm-toned palettes in my kit and this filled the gap perfectly!

Warm Tone Affordable Eyeshadow Palette under Php2000.00
First let’s talk about the packaging. I like colors – brown with gold detail. It looks so classy and luxe! The sleek cardboard packaging is convenient too – it’s easy to store and easy to travel with. Although I am a sucker for cute, innovative packaging, I also appreciate it when brands go the minimal but functional route. It doesn’t have a mirror, which most people think is a negative but I honestly do not mind because I don’t have to worry about the mirror breaking while traveling.
As for the eyeshadows, I love the shades they chose for this palette. I used to be all about the cool-toned eyeshadows but since I started using this, I realized how silly I was for avoiding warm-toned shades for so long. I like that it has a good mix of matte and shimmers, although I find myself using the matte ones more than the shimmer ones – I love me my mattes! The only downside for me is that there is no matte black/matte dark brown. If it had, this would definitely be a one-and-done for me. The shade Wax Paper doesnt show up on my skin, but it’s perfect as a base. My favorites are Aftertaste (an orange-y brown that looks so intimidating on the pan but works well as a transition color), Alchemy (which I love using all over the lid) and Finish Sensual (a nice warm brown that I use to add depth to the eye look). I use this all the time – on myself and my clients. It’s a very beautiful, versatile palette!

Warm Tone Affordable Eyeshadow Palette under Php2000.00
This was really good value too! Priced at Php1464.00 on Sephora PH, you get 10 exceptionally good quality eyeshadwos that is easy to blend, with beautiful, highly pigmented shades and well-packaged to boot! No wonder Zoeva has been a huge favorite overseas (especially in the UK). If you are a make up artist, or if you love wearing and experimenting with eyeshadows, the ones from Zoeva are definitely worth a look! They also have cheek products, lip products as well as make up brushes that I heard area really good but I haven tried yet… I guess we have to remedy that soon! HAHAHA #FindingExcusesToBuyMakeup

Warm Tone Affordable Eyeshadow Palette under Php2000.00
The Zoeva Caramel Melange eyeshadow palette is currently out of stock on Sephora PH but don’t despair. They regularly restock – make sure you sign up for an account ad add this product to your Waitlist to be updated when it comes back in stock!
Have you tried any Zoeva products before? Let me know what else you like from that brand, I’d love to hear your thoughts!



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