Is it worth subscribing to Saladbox Price Where to get

The Saladbox Summer Girl April 2017 Box and Will I Renew My Subscription?

A month and a half later, I am finally sharing with you the contents of my Saladbox April 2017 Summer Girl box, and also answering the question of whether or not I’ll be renewing my subscription. So sorry for the delay, guys. I have been enjoying the summer and vacationing with friends so I am only getting to this now. Anyhow, enough making excuses for myself, let’s dive right in.


Is it worth subscribing to Saladbox Price Where to get


In a nutshell, the April box wasn’t overly exciting for me – in fact, it was quite disappointing. It contained a Skin White lotion, a Skin White deodorant, a Maxipeel Exfoliant Solution-Moisturizing Cream-Sun Protect set, a Maxipeel soap, a tiny Farmstay Snail Cream sample, a small Hygienix Alcohol Spray, an Aloe Derma Moisturizing Shampoo, a Cebu Pacific GetGo card and a Sunnies Studios voucher. Most of the contents of this box are things that I know I won’t use or didn’t really need/want. The Maxipeel Exfoliant Solution-Moisturising Cream-Sun Protect set is not something I would use, the Php200 Sunnies Studios discount voucher was valid until May 31 * UPDATE: Sorry, I checked again and it was only valid until the 20th of May, not the 31st * only (this was the one thing I thought I could use but didn’t get to because I received my box on May 14 or 15 I think – more on this later), the Cebu Pacific card I don’t need because I already have one, and the rest I can purchase from the store or can do without. Granted, I only paid Php500 pesos for the box (plus 100 for shipping) but still, that’s 600 pesos! The April box was certainly the most disappointing of the three that I received.


Apart from the disappointing products, there were also a few issues with my third and final box. Normally, they send out their boxes towards the end of the month and it arrives to the customer in the first week of the next month so I was wondering why, by May 11, I still have not received my April box. I reached out to them via Facebook and my first message was not responded to (which was surprising because I reached out to them before and they were quick to respond), so I followed up again the next day. The second message I sent, I received an auto-generated reply, and then a few hours later received a response from Saladbox. They apologized for the delay, let me know that they were going to send my box right away and add freebies to compensate for the inconvenience. Now I wasn’t after the freebies, I just wanted to get the box but I appreciated the gesture. A few days later, my box finally arrived and included in the set as a freebie was the Pond’s BB Cream sample. I already received one in my March box – good thing I like the Pond’s BB Cream, it now lives in my on-the-go make up kit (the other one is in my travel make up kit). The one thing that I was looking forward to from this box was the Sunnies Studios voucher, which I didn’t get to use because it was only valid until May 31 * UPDATE: Whoopsie, my bad. I checked again, it was only valid until May 20 *. I wanted to try the glasses in store to see if it suited me so as not to end up with something I won’t use and before I knew it, the deadline lapsed. Totally my fault on that one but in my defense, I only had a few days to go to a Sunnies Studios store and try their glasses. *sigh* Sayang.

Is it worth subscribing to Saladbox Price Where to get

Anyway – now the question is, will I extend or renew my subscription? I honestly considered extending my subscription with them – even after the delayed shipping hullabaloo – but I don’t think I will. I thought long and hard about it and considered the items that I received from them – from the Benefit samples to the Pond’s/Dove/Vaseline box and now their Summer themed box. Although it was nice to receive new products every month, I feel like after the first box, the excitement slowly waned and I found myself becoming more and more disappointed with their selection. That and I’ve been trying to live with less clutter and be more intentional with the things that I do and buy that I feel like I am better off saving for something that I really, honest-to-goodness like – even love – instead of getting a lot of stuff that don’t spark joy and end up just keeping in the drawer. Plus, one of my best friends also subscribed to the service and she said she experienced delays in receiving her boxes as well – so my experience wasn’t a one-off.


Their shortest subscription option is 3 months and at Php500 per month plus Php100 shipping per month, it comes out to Php1,800. I think I’d rather spend my Php1800 on something I really like and will absolutely use instead of receiving a number of random products that are hit or miss… so yeah, no Saladbox subscription renewal for me.


Is it worth subscribing to Saladbox Price Where to get


I still like the idea of receiving a curated box of beauty products every month, so if you know of or have tried any other monthly beauty box subscriptions, please let me know as I would love to check those out! 🙂



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  1. kaye

    July 20, 2017 at 10:36 AM

    Yep, same with their “Holiday box” last December. Full sized products but those that I can just buy sa grocery or dept store. 🙁


      July 24, 2017 at 12:25 AM

      Right? I have a friend who got their Christmas box along with the Saladbox for Men and she said “what am I going to do with men’s products?” hahaha! 😛

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