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I first heard – or rather read – of the brand Rucy’s Vanity from Of Dreams and Things. Erika mentioned that they had some pretty affordable products, so I became curious and decided to check out the brand myself.

Rucy’s Vanity is a Korean cosmetics brand. They offer a wide range of Korean skincare and cosmetic products for budget-conscious men and women. I placed an order a few months ago (sometime September – October). I purchased the Pearl BB Cream, the Pearl Foundation, the Multi Protection UV Sunscreen and the Eyebrow Pencil.


Rucy's Vanity Pearl BB Cream Pearl Foundation SPF50 Auto Eyebrow Pencil
Pearl BB Cream and Pearl Foundation (PHP70.00 Each, 8ml)
These two were a bit difficult to use. Hard to spread and barely any coverage, I didn’t enjoy it at all. Both were very shimmery as well, which for me is not what I look for in a base. Yes, the dewy look is all the rage now, but I don’t want to look too disco-ball-y so these were a miss for me.


I did try mixing it with my other BB Creams and I think they work better that way. It adds a nice healthy glow.


The verdict: On their own, I am not a fan. Mixed with other base products, these work nicely. I really liked the packaging.


Rucy's vanity SPF Pearl BB Cream Pearl Foundation SPF50

(Top to Bottom) Brow Pencil – UV Sunscreen SPF 50 – Pearl BB Cream – Pearl Foundation

Multi Protection UV Sunscreen (PHP70.00, 8ml)
This one, I used during my trip to Malaysia in October. We did a lot of walking there, so sunscreen was very important (not that it isn’t on a regular, non-vacay day). I like that this has SPF50. I used it on my face and I didn’t experience any breakouts.


The verdict: This is great for travelling – just the perfect size for when you go on a short vacation. Same with the BB Cream and Foundation, I liked how this was packaged. And hey, SPF50!


Auto Eyebrow Pencil in Brown (PHP80.00)
I am not a big brow pencil user. I prefer powders as I have noticed with many eyebrow pencils, you get a flash back in photos especially if it is not blended well. This, however, I enjoyed using this one. Easy to use, the color is just right (not too red) and it’s retractable so no pencil sharpening required. Pretty affordable too at Php80.00!


The verdict: Great for everyday, if you like using an eyebrow pencil, give this one a try.


All in all, I am happy that I tried the Rucy’s Vanity range. There were a few products that I wasn’t very impressed with, but the ones that I did like, I liked very much. There are so many other things to try from their range  – they have a bunch of make up, some skin care bits and the prices are pretty reasonable. I am probably going to try their skincare range (I know they have face masks) and grab a few more of the eyebrow pencils.


Rucy’s Vanity Website

Rucy’s Vanity Facebook

Rucy’s Vanity Instagram


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  1. Erika

    March 5, 2016 at 5:26 AM

    I’ve been meaning to get their sunscreen but haven’t had the chance to do so. Thanks for the reminder! Haha


      March 6, 2016 at 8:52 AM

      Glad to be of service (he he he), I really liked the SPF. Noticed they have nail polishes din pala! 🙂

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