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“What are your biggest skincare and beauty regrets?”


Oh wow, I can go on and on but I will only include my top three in this list.


Not using eyecream early in life, tugging and rubbing my eyes. If there is one thing I am most insecure and frustrated about, it would be my eye area. I have really dark under-eye circles that I cant seem to get rid of no matter how much sleep I get or whatever treatment I use. I think it’s part of my genetic make up as my dad has the same affliction (lol affliction, so dramatic!). Not only that, it’s started to show signs of aging (wrinkles!!!) I wish I started using eyecream as soon as I hit my 20’s and listened to my aunts when they would tel lme to not rub my eyes so I wouldn’t get wrinkles. *sigh*


Biting my nails. Ahhh why I ever got into the habit of biting my nails, I would never know. Could be from anxiety, could be mild OCD but whatever it is, I am so bummed that I ever bit my nails because now it’s become harder to grow. It takes my nails so much longer to grow and it breaks easily. Thankfully, I got over that habit but my beauty sins from my teens are still haunting me! Hopefully the new vitamins I am taking can help!


Hair murder by hair color treatments. I think I shared this many many times in the past but yes, I regret ever coloring my hair back to back that it died a horrible death ha ha ha I had to cut more than 10 inches off and while I enjoyed having short hair for a while, I am most comfortable with long dark hair. I want to avoid coloring my hair in 2016, but if I ever do, it will be because I want to go darker (jet black Veronica Lodge hair).


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