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You know, it’s true what they say… you want what you can’t have. LOL I am on a self-imposed shopping ban because I am saving up for the Holiday releases (already? yes!) and stuff to pay for (car maintenance is a biatch) so that means I can only want but not have. You know what’s funny though, I have been hearing more, “have you tried this? I heard it’s really good! what do you think?” and “Oh you know what, I just got this, and it’s really really nice. Go get one!” – so now that I cannot buy make up stuff, the Universe is tempting me all the more.

I blame my friends, Youtube, Instagram and the World Wide Web for my lemmings. Hi friends, please don’t torture me. Ha ha!

Anyway… on to the things that are on my wish list.

I think you can pretty much tell that I am all about skin these days. Seven out of 13 are all skin related products! Well, I think I’ve always been more into skin than anything else so I guess that’s not much of a surprise. I love the look of healthy, glowing skin!

The Balm Cosmetics
Cindy Lou Manizer
This, along with her sisters Betty Lou and Mary Lou are big favourites among beauty-obsessed girls and I can understand why. I was at Beauty Bar last week and I swatched them and one word… amazing. It’s smooth, creamy and gives just the right glow. My favourite shade is Cindy Lou but Mary Lou and Betty Lou are pretty as well.

Laura Mercier
Secret Concealer
I attended a Laura Mercier class last month, I think, and I was impressed by the concealers. I was originally eyeing the Secret Camouflage Concealer but because I am mostly going to be using this under the eyes, I figured I needed something a bit creamier and more moisturising – so Secret Concealer it is!

Face Form in Medium
I’ve always wanted to try this brand but I never got around to it! I really want to try their contour/highlight kit and as I was doing my research online, I found out that they now have a trio. Definitely going to watch out for this one.

Shu Uemura
S Curler
Curling other people’s lashes is a bit more difficult than doing it yourself, and I think the S Curler will make it easier to do so.

Face and Body Foundation
I have been waiting for this to become available here in the Philippines and I only found out I think maybe a month or two ago that it is! YAY MAC!

Charlotte Tilbury
Charlotte’s Magic Cream
This has been getting rave reviews everywhere, and has been a part of Charlotte Tilbury’s arsenal since she started doing make up years ago – years before she started her make up line! I always use moisturiser before make up, so I am definitely curious about this one!

Skin Base
I have seen countless photos of people wearing the skin base and it looks really good in photos. I want to see if this can beat my current favourite, MAC’s Studio Finish! I wonder if Illamasqua will ever be available here in the PH – other than online stores, of course!

Hard Candy
Baked Bronzer in Tiki
A friend recently showed me this and oh my gosh, love at first swipe. I am a sucker for bronzers and highlighters, so this one definitely made it to my wish list!

Lorac Pro Palette
As much as I like the Naked palettes, I find that I don’t use it on myself as much because I am not a huge fan of shimmer shades. I admit, there are some shades that definitely look better with shimmer, but I actually prefer mattes. This Lorac Pro palette has a nice combination of both matte and shimmer shades which I think will appease my desire for a more balanced neutral palette.

Make Up For Ever
MUFE Artisan Brushes
I’ve seen the entire range, and they are beautifully made and very very soft. They aren’t made from natural hair, but feel just as soft as the natural hair ones. These three are the ones I really really want from the range. A little pricey, but I think these are worth it.

Online Stores/Suesh Make Up
Lighted Make Up Train Case
I’ve been wanting one for the longest time but I always end up choosing something else – like a big trolley that I don’t use anymore, or a couple of steel train cases that I no longer use either. Now, I’ve decided I won’t buy a train case unless it’s a lighted one with a mirror. I am okay with a non-trolley version, but if I can, I would like to buy the trolley version.

So that’s it! I know I have a lot more make up stuff that didn’t make the list – my wish list changes every couple of days! Ha ha ha – but these are the ones I definitely feel are timeless – things that have been on my wish list for the longest time or things that I know I won’t forget anytime soon. LOL!

How about you, what’s on your wish list? Do you have any of my picks on your list?

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