manicure nail colors for christmas holiday 2016

Holiday Nail Polish Picks

I like painting my nails. I don’t know what it is – it just makes me feel more polished and put together if I have pretty well-manicured nails. I blame it on the 90’s movies that I watched when I was a kid – the ladies all had big hair, big shoulder pads and manicured nails LOL! To me, it’s just one of those things that you do for yourself so you will feel good. Some people may think it’s shallow but hey, if it makes you feel better, feel relaxed (because a good manicure can be relaxing, promise) and makes you feel extra special then who’s to say you shouldn’t do it, right?


manicure nail colors for christmas holiday 2016
Anyway, I have already been planning what to paint my nails for Christmas season and I’ve whittled down my choices to 8 – 2 neutrals, 4 reds and 2 sort of unusual colors. Christmas to me is all about the red and gold, so I am leaning towards those two shades, but I also do like neutrals – the dark brown actually reminds me of Hot Chocolate, which is my favorite feel-good Christmas drink. LOL I don’t know anyone who is as indecisive as I am when it comes to these little things.


These are my top picks for Christmas-y nail polishes:


manicure nail colors for christmas holiday 2016
GirlStuff Forever’s Grace
Bobbie Premium Nail Creme in Seductive Coco-A


manicure nail colors for christmas holiday 2016
Maybelline Color Show’s Keep Up the Flame
Color Trends Nail Polish in Roaring Red
Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Red Zin
GirlStuff Forever’s Marilyn


manicure nail colors for christmas holiday 2016
Maybelline Color Show’s Bold Gold
Maybelline Color Show’s Ruby Rhinestones


I normally go for Black (or some other dark shade) or a Taupe so I’m trying to avoid those two colors this holiday season. As of this writing, I am leaning towards either Bold Gold or Red Zin – but I am sure that will change the closer we get to the date hahaha!


manicure nail colors for christmas holiday 2016

Left to Right: GirlStuff Forever Grace, Bobbie Seductive Coco-A, Maybelline Color Show Bold Gold, Maybelline Color Show Keep Up the Flame, Color Trends Roaring Red, Sally Hansen Red Zin, GirlStuff Forever Marilyn, Maybelline Color Show Ruby Rhinestones


As for the prices, Color Trends Roaring Red is the cheapest, followed by Bobbie Seductive Coco-A – both are less than Php50.00! Maybelline Color Show Ruby Rhinestones, Bold Gold and Keep Up the Flame are Php99pesos each. GirlStuff Forever’s Grace is Php120.00 and Marilyn is Php100.00. For Sally Hansen’s Red Zin, I don’t know how much his was exactly because this was a present, but I believe this is around Php250+. The formula for all the nail polishes I listed are tried and tested – I find that all are easy to work with and a breeze to apply.


What about you, what are you planning to wear on your nails this festive season? Do you like planning your manicures as if they are outfits? Let me know ‘cos surely I can’t be alone in this, right? :))



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