Q&A Tuesday, Face Powder, Setting Powder, RCMA No Color Powder

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Q&A Tuesday, Face Powder, Setting Powder, RCMA No Color Powder


I received a beauty question the other day from a friend of mine who lives in the States, and she said she needed a new powder and asked me what I would recommend. Now, I am not much of a touch up person – I hate having to reapply my make up throughout the day especially my base make up so I make sure I set my liquid/cream base with a heavy duty powder that I can rely on to keep the oil at bay.


I have a few powders that I like, but my all time favorite would have to be the RCMA No Color Powder. I understand why this is a favorite of many professional make up artists – you get amazing value for money! I got mine for less than PHP1000.00 from an online store, although I think they’ve recently upped the prices a little bit. I am sorry, I don’t remember the store anymore, but I will link a different online store if you are interested! The 3oz has lasted me a long time – I bought it a few years ago and I am only now running out – to think I’veΒ even given some to my friends and family!


The powder has no color, so it is great at setting your make up. It doesn’t change the color, just sets it, thus making sure it doesn’t slip. I love this, especially for under the eyes because it doesn’t make the concealer look flaky or cakey.


Q&A Tuesday, Face Powder, Setting Powder, RCMA No Color Powder


The only issue most folks would have with this is that it is a loose powder, and the packaging is not kitschy or cute – it actually looks like a condiment bottle ha ha ha! I have since transferred the powder to a transparent powder container with a sifter so that its easier to use and a lot less messy. I also transferred the sticker from the original packaging. My sticker is all jacked up because it’s been living in my kit ha ha ha! Whoopsie!


If you are looking for a good setting powder, definitely check this out. Great value for money, lasts a long time and sets your make up beautifully – not cakey or heavy at all!


Q&A Tuesday, Face Powder, Setting Powder, RCMA No Color Powder


You can easily depot this into a small container with a puff, which you can get from Watson’s, Beabi or PCX so that you wouldnt have to deal with the condiment-esque container, BUT – if you prefer a pressed/compact powder for on-the-go, check out my review of the Essence All About Matt! Powder here. It’s very similar to the RCMA in a pressed powder format!


Thanks CP for sending your question and if you have any beauty related questions for me, feel free to reach out to me on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat (all @NinaSinganon), Facebook or leave a comment below!


RCMA No Color Powder

Available at www.dtcmakeup.com

PHP850.00 (exclusive of shipping)

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