An end to my beauty blog hiatus and what I realized during my blogging break

The End of My Blogging Hiatus and What I Realized During My Blogging Break

I have a confession… I have a love-hate relationship with blogging. A lot of times it is fun – I get to meet amazing people, I am able to share my thoughts, opinions and knowledge about beauty-related things, I am able to work with some really amazing companies and I get to explore my more creative side. Most of the time though, it is a LOT of work with very little reward. You spend so much time trying to take good photos, write blog posts, schedule posts, prepare social media posts, etc. I don’t think people recognize how much work this all is – for me, it usually takes at least an hour to write, an hour to take and edit photos, an hour finalizing blog posts, making sure it is formatted properly and adding links. That doesn’t even include the time I spend trying to make sure my social media posts are prepared, captions and hashtags are properly written and researched. Oh and don’t even get me started on the whole website design, maintenance, SEO and all that jazz.


This past year, I feel like I have been more caught up in this whole blogging and social media thing. I have met so many amazing bloggers that I look up to and have developed offline relationships with and for that I am and will always be thankful. I have been invited to some really cool events and was given a chance to review and work with some really awesome brands.

An end to my beauty blog hiatus and what I realized during my blogging break

But with all that, I have also felt the pressure to do more, do better. A huge part of me felt shortchanged because in an effort to grow my audience, I felt “oh, I have to do this” or “oh I should try this too since it seems to be what everyone else is doing”. At some point, this all felt like a chore, and I wasn’t enjoying it anymore. Now for something that doesn’t have that much return on investment (in time, effort and cash too), that sucked. I started questioning why I was doing it in the first place, you know? I have never been the most consistent blogger but the past couple of months, I have basically taken a step back from blogging. Add to that, I was bored with how my website looked – I didn’t feel like it was a match with my aesthetic, with my personality so that added to my lack of desire to blog too.


These days though, I feel refreshed and excited to blog again. It took a lot of introspection, a lot of testing, and a whole lot of discussions with friends, family and fellow bloggers but I am back… complete with a revamped and redesigned blog! I am happy with my new blog design (thanks to Lea who was who patient and understanding despite my never-ending changes haha) and very happy to have found my blogging mojo again. I have a few reviews and posts that I promised I would do (the BLK Cosmetics Lipstick review, hauls, the Glossier Balm Dot Com review and soon much more) and I promise I have been working on those (plus other things that I want to share with you guys) and you can expect the posts to go up soon. Thank you for sticking around, if you are a regular reader and to those who are new, welcome to my space! I hope you enjoy your stay, and “see” you again soon!





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