Skincare routine tips for selfcare sessions and pamper days

5 Simple Tips to Amp Up Your Sheet Mask Routine Take This Skincare Routine to A Whole New Level

One of the things that I always do on my Self Care days, on days that my skin feels tight or when I have an event and want to make sure my skin is well-moisturized before I apply my make up is to use a sheet mask. It’s a fairly easy and relatively quick “treatment” and my skin always looks and feels amazing after.
Over the past 3, maybe 4 years, I have discovered a couple of things that you can do to amp up the power of your sheet mask. These are very simple tips and tricks that will make you go “why didn’t I think of that?”
Skincare routine tips for selfcare sessions and pamper days

1 – The simplest and most important – make sure you check the expiration dates! Expired products and ingredients can wreak havoc on your skin – it can cause breakouts, skin inflammation, redness, patchiness, etc and we don’t want that, do we? Check the bottom part on the back of the mask packaging, the expiration dates are usually indicated there.


2 – Don’t leave the mask on too long. Contrary to what others believe, leaving the sheet mask on until it dries will not make it more effective. A good 20 minutes or so is enough for your skin to absorb all the wonderful skin-benefitting ingredients.


3 – Don’t wash your face after removing the mask. Leave the serum to sink in to your skin so that it really does it’s job. I know it can feel a bit sticky and icky, but trust me, it’s worth dealing with that slight inconvenience.


4 – Massage your face while the face mask is on. If you have a facial massager or a facial roller, use it so you can amp up your sheet mask routine! I am an advocate of facial massages because not only does it detoxify and increase blood and oxygen flow which leads to increase in collagen production (meaning you get a more youthful glow), it also reduces puffiness. All good things, right?


5 – My last and most amazing tip, put your face mask in the fridge at least 20 minutes before you use it! Not only does it feel great, it also helps soothe any skin inflammation or skin irritation you have. I always put mine in the fridge and leave it to cool overnight so that it is extra cold! Don’t put it in the freezer though haha because then you’d have to thaw it before you start using it. 😉

Skincare routine tips for selfcare sessions and pamper days
Try incorporating these simple tips and see how much it will improve your sheet mask routine! It has changed my routine and my skin completely – which is important because I am not getting any younger (boo hoo). It won’t cost you anything extra, but it will make your pamper routine even better and do your skin wonders in the process! Give it a try and let me know how it goes!


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