w7 Cosmetics In the Buff Lightly Toasted Palette

I first heard of the w7 Cosmetics palettes from one of Pixiwoo’s videos. Since then it’s been on my radar, but because w7 Cosmetics isn’t available here in the Philippines, I wasn’t overly excited about it. My interest in it was reignited when I saw Stuff in Style posted a photo of the palettes. I immediately placed my order along with another one of their palettes, the In The Nude.
32a8a761377703ae0546debfbc57eed7e25ed2610b426bdf32334c64249ecbbdMany bloggers claim that Lightly Toasted is a dupe for the original Naked palette from Urban Decay, but I can’t say for certain because I still don’t own the original Naked. Shocking, right? 😛 It was always out of stock, and online sellers would price it so high that it kind of lost the appeal for me. I still have it on “The List” but it wasnt in the top 5. Anyway, just by looking at photos online, I can tell that Lightly Toasted and Naked 1’s colors are very very similar.

I like the packaging – it’s cute and reminds me of pencil cases I had when I was young. It does get scratched quickly though so if you want to keep the palette looking pristine, handle with care.
432410fece7905db0556a7c0b7d2efbd94b5c46a287de4b60a4495268c4b530cI also like the shade selection. The colors are beautiful and definitely wearable. I like that it came with a nice crimson-y shade, a beautiful gold, and the matte shades are pretty too! The light shimmery colours don’t show up as well on  my skin, but they are still very pretty. My favorite shades are Twister, Didi and Delilah. I see myself wearing these three shades a lot.

The shadows are soft and easy to apply, although some colors are more pigmented than others. The darker shades are really good, the mattes were okay and not chalky, the light shades were pretty but the black and the grey leave much to be desired. These two shades were very chalky to apply.
3cfe455766883d1cc3bcf9155d479254e7f902aa4a922073ba886800c521403dOne thing that I really didn’t like about the palette is the distinct rubber smell that emanates from it. This palette uses rubber to hold the eyeshadows in place, but maaaaaan, the smell is just so bad that I would get a headache from smelling it. Not that you should go around smelling your palette (that’s not normal ha ha) but I wanted to get a feel of the whole experience. I left the palette open for a few days to see if the rubber smell would be lessened and it was – but you could still smell it if you sniff hard enough ha ha ha!

Another thing that I didn’t like was the brush. It came with a dual ended brush with one end being a sponge applicator and the other end a small synthetic eyeshadow brush. Let me tell you, the brush was craptastic and I threw it away immediately.
e99c4b486ba467f203ba3196f5ce5c5273d0061c85126d79f80a476aa9572838I tried using my fingers to swatch these and although I would be able to get a decent amount of product on my fingers, the eyeshadows quickly developed a film on top that made it harder the more I swatched – so I definitely think you need an eyeshadow brush to use this.

Based on my experience with the Urban Decay Naked 2, the quality of these shadows are not up to par with Urban Decay. The pigmentation is okay – not wow. I think as far as being a dupe for the Naked 1, it is a dupe color-wise, but not quality-wise.
c0876deb7afb3fba54c832c340216dd8463f3c3b98181b56617866e15c04e20bAll in all, I think this is an okay product for the price. It’s good to have to test if you are thinking of getting the real deal but are hesitating because you don’t know if you’d use it as much and if it is well worth the investment. For me, it cemented the desire to get the original Naked 1 palette because I do see myself wearing these colors a lot. I also think this is also good for new make up junkies and those who do not have a huge budget for make up stuff – make up is expensive!

If you are interested in getting your hands on this palette, I got mine from Stuff in Style. w7 Cosmetics In the Buff Lightly Toasted Palette PHP800.00. Shipping fee PHP60.00. Windy is very nice and accommodating – I highly recommend buying from her!

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