w7 Cosmetics Eyeshadow Palette: In The Nude

I got two palettes from Stuff In Style about a month or so ago. Ive already featured In The Buff: Lightly Toasted here, but let me introduce you to w7 Cosmetics’ version of the Naked 3 – In The Nude. I was not as excited about this as I was with Lightly Toasted but I can honestly say that I love In The Nude more.

I was never inclined to get Naked 3 because I felt that the colors were too pink (duh, it’s their Rose Nudes) and not as versatile as the 2 previous versions but this palette from w7 may have just changed my mind.
Let’s start with the packaging. Similar to the Lightly Toasted palette, this comes in a pretty tin can that is reminiscent of pencil cases I had when I was younger but unlike Lightly Toasted which was brown, this has a beautiful champagne rose color that’s definitely prettier than the flat brown. One thing I don’t like is that it has the same rubber smell that the Lightly Toasted had. I left this out for a few days too and the smell has lessened but it is still there, though its not as noticeable. It also came with a craptastic brush that I threw away ha ha!

It’s been said that this is a dupe of the Naked 3 from Urban Decay, but I don’t have a Naked 3 so I can’t compare.
Now on to the good stuff. The colors are oh so pretty! I never thought I would like this palette as much as I do, but… I do. My favorites are Angel, Bad Manners and Coffee Cup. Angel is a beautiful light pink-peach shade overloaded with shimmers. This would be a pretty accent shade for a cut-crease brown eye look – it just makes the whole eye look pop even more! Bad Manners is a beautiful copper that you can wear on it’s own, with loads of mascara. Coffee Cup is a copper brown and you know me and my love for copper eyeshadows. It’s not a surprise that I love this shade.

Pigmentation is okay, I find this is a bit better than Lightly Toasted. The mattes are pretty and serve well as transition colors. The middle shades show up more on lighter skin that it does on darker skin and the darker shades are beautiful across the board. You definitely need primer underneath this for it to really show up.
I don’t think this is an all around palette though. I find it lacks a good solid dark brown or black. It’s a great supplementary palette to what you already have but I wouldn’t suggest this as your first and only. The colors are pretty, the quality is okay for the price, and if it had a legit dark shade, then this would be golden!

Similar to the Lightly Toasted palette that made my lemming for a Naked 1 palette more tantamount, this has ignited my desire to get my hands on a Naked 3 palette. Funny how that works out huh? Before getting my hands on this palette, I thought I was just going to feel so-so about it but turns out I like the colors of this more.

If you are like me and are on the fence about getting your hands on a Naked 3, this might be a good one to try. According to a lot of beauty bloggers, this is a dupe of the Naked 3 so before spending your hard earned moolah on a Naked 3, try this!

Get your w7 Cosmetics In the Nude Eyeshadow Palette, PHP800.00 from Stuff in Style, shipping fee PHP60.00. Windy is an awesome seller and very very accommodating!

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