summer skincare skin products beauty review

New Summer Skin Favorites – Perfect for a Beach Getaway!

Last month, my family and I went on a beach trip and it was so FUN! I really appreciate it when we can all come together and go on trips because due to our schedules, we don’t often get to do that. It was the first time I went on vacation with my furbaby Chubbster Buster too (crazy dog lady here haha) so that made the trip all the more special.


Now if you know me – or if you follow me on social media *hint hint follow me on the ‘gram*, you know that I am not much of a summer person. I hate the heat, the sweating and the stickiness. That’s why I always tend to over-pack when going to the beach. I pack so many shirts, a fan (or two – electric and manual haha), and skin products that will make me feel less grumpy and uncomfortable under the scorching heat of the sun haha!


summer skincare skin products beauty review


I brought a few skincare bits with me, but these were the big winners during that trip – SPF for the body in the form of Nivea Sun Protect, the Vella Ultra Hydro Skin Essence which has SPF50 for my face, the Belo Sun Expert Hair and Scalp Shield, Sooper Beaute’s Tsubaki Oil, Nature Republic’s Aloe Vera Spray, an organic deodorant and a citronella spray from Zenutrients.


summer skincare skin products beauty review


Zenutrients Tea Tree Cooling Deodorant Spray – Being that I’d be under the sun most of the time, I wanted to make sure I smelled fresh the whole time. That, I did, with the bonus of the cooling sensation it provided. Love that it is organic and made with premium ingredients too – heat tends to open pores and I didn’t want to worry about bad chemicals getting under my skin.


Vella Ultra Hydro Skin Essence – I used this instead of my sister’s face SPF cream because I don’t like how sticky the other SPF felt. Oh my gosh, I was so impressed! This feels like nothing, but it did a fabulous job. My sister ended up with lightly sun-burned skin especially on the forehead and her nose but I did not. Mind you, we spent the same amount of time under the sun. That’s a true testament that this Vella Essence works!


Sooperbeaute Pure Tsubaki Oil – I often get rashes especially in this heat, and the Tsubaki Oil is my fail-safe, #1 go-to treatment. I put it on the inflammation, and poof – it disappears in just a couple of hours! I love this – even my older sister and nephew who suffers from various skin allergies use this too. It’s a definite skin must-have for me!


summer skincare skin products beauty review


Belo Sun Expert Hair and Scalp Shield – I have not been taking care of my hair as much as I should these past few months, so I thought I’d protect it as much as I could during this trip from salt water and the heat of the sun. This made my hair feel a bit oily, but not too much that it was disgusting LOL. It is in spray-form too so it was super convenient to use.


Nature Republic Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel Spray – I brought this with me on a whim, because I thought it would be a good refresher when I start to feel hot. I am so happy I did because this was a definite skin saver! My big brother and my sister’s boyfriend ended up getting sunburnt and this did a fabulous job of cooling and giving their skin relief.


Zenutrients Citronella Bug Repellant – After witnessing somebody suffer through Dengue fever (he survived, guys – don’t worry), it’s made me very paranoid about getting mosquito bites. Thankfully, I am not that attractive to mosquitos (HAHA) but the rest of my family are and since we had plans of having a bonfire at night, I wanted to make sure we were all protected. This has a very strong citronella scent, but I didn’t mind it at all especially because it worked amazingly well.


Nivea Sun Protect & Moisture Body Lotion – This has been my family’s go-to brand for sunscreen (and my mom’s favorite lotion brand too) for years and as always, it did not disappoint! This is and will always be one of my summer skin essentials.


These products have become my new summer staples. I have a trip coming up soon and you can bet I will bring all of these with me so I can stay protected from the sun and the heat! How about you, what are your summer skin essentials?



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