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natural and cruelty free make up products that are made in the philippines

One of my goals this year is to try more locally made, organic/natural and cruelty-free products, and one such brand that I have been loving is Sooper Beaute. I’ve tried a few things from them – the Lip and Cheek Rolly’s are really nice especially if you like a fuss-free make up routine (I wrote a more in-depth review on this, click here to read) and just recently, I started using their Skin Brightening Creme and Body Brightening Booster. I am about halfway through both pots and so far, I like it! I have seen a significant difference from when I started using it to now. #TheFutureIsSoBright chozz!


So when Sooper Beaute contacted me a few weeks ago offering me the opportunity to try a few of their products for their #PorelessBeauty campaign, I was all over it! A primer that uses only natural ingredients and fairly priced to boot? YES! A new matte lipstick that looked like it would be a great everyday shade? YES! A tinted day cream with SPF20? YES! The excitement was real.


Express Beauty Blur Cream Primer Foundation

The first time I used this, I had dinner with my girlfriends and they noticed how my face did not look at all oily, even without retouching throughout the night – they kept asking what primer I used and I happily shared that it was this one! I wore my make up for a good 6 hours and up until I was about to remove my make up, my face was shine free! Whoohoo! I have since been using this every time I wear make up – I even wore it for an event and my make up lasted really well – about 9 hours without retouching. My T-Zone was a teeny bit oily but not so much that I looked like a greaseball, and nothing a blotting paper or a tissue couldn’t fix.


This is definitely my favorite out of the three and is something that I’ve already recommended to my sisters and friends. You can bet that I will repurchase this when I run out.


natural and cruelty free make up products that are made in the philippines


Wonder Cream Super Fresh Day Cream

I love the idea of a tinted day cream that has a cream-to-powder finish but unfortunately, because my skin leans more towards the normal-to-dry side with the exception of my T-Zone, the Wonder Cream and I didn’t get along too well. On my T-Zone (which is where I tend to get oily) it looked nice; but not the sides of my face, which was sad because I liked the matte finish. For you oily-skinned ladies though, I think this would work well for you.


natural and cruelty free make up products that are made in the philippines
Top – Wonder Cream; Bottom – Express Beauty Blur Primer (forgive my hairy hands/arms, I am a long lost relative of Chewbacca)


natural and cruelty free make up products that are made in the philippines
Top – Wonder Cream; Bottom – Express Beauty Blur Primer (forgive my hairy hands/arms, I am a long lost relative of Chewbacca)


So Matte Lipstick in Lyra

I’ve tried a few shades from the So Matte Lipstick range before but I didn’t have anything similar to this shade. I love me my mauve-y pinks so I was pretty excited to try Lyra! I find that as with most matte lipsticks, this was a bit challenging to put on as it doesn’t glide easily. I mean, that’s typical of most matte lipsticks anyway so that shouldn’t be a surprise – but once on, Lyra is a beautiful mauve toned pink that’s perfect for everyday. It doesn’t feel overly drying as some other matte lipsticks I own which I think is due to the fact that it has Shea Butter, Grapeseed Extract and Vitamin E. The lipstick smells a little waxy just like the other So Matte Lipsticks I’ve tried before, but it’s not noticeable once the product is on your lips.


This has found it’s way in to my on-the-go make up kit, which can only mean that I really like it because I have a pretty small on-the-go kit with just my essentials/current favorites. If you love mattes, you should check out Lyra because it is so pretty!


natural and cruelty free make up products that are made in the philippines


natural and cruelty free make up products that are made in the philippines

Now on to the good stuff. Remember when I said we’ll have more giveaways this 2017? Well, Sooper Beaute has kindly provided me with another set to share with you guys! Yahoo! One lucky reader will receive an Express Beauty Blur Cream Primer Foundation, a Wonder Cream Super Fresh Day Cream and a So Matte Lipstick in Lyra.


natural and cruelty free make up products that are made in the philippines



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85 Responses

  1. Angelie Namindang

    Another awesome Giveaway from Ms. Nina. And I love the product to be given away. Lalo na so matte lipstick, yeah! Love the shade. Very generous madam. :-) God bless and More Power

  2. Ann Margot Gabris

    I should win this set for me to try this orgnic sooper beaute. I dont usually use make up or anything dahil hindi naman talaga nahihiyang sa mukha ko.masyado sensitive at pag ginamitan ng kung ano-ano ay umiitim ang mukha ko.thats why i want to try this one dahil baka ito na ang tamang set para sa akin. Since it is organic,alam safe gamitin.thank you and god bless.

    • ninasinganon@live.com

      Yay for organic products diba? Thanks Ann for joining :) Good luck!

  3. mary joy rebulado

    I want to try the Wonder Cream and Express Beauty Blur Primer because as you said it works for oily skin.. Plus the matte finish and its also yellow undertone…
    And i love the shade of the so matte lipstick its so good and im inlove to the packaging its looks simply innocent white…

  4. Imee Palad

    I want to win because I want to try this amazing beauty products for myself…I will be happy if I win and be given the chance, Thank you so much for the opportunity…God bless and more power to your blog Ms. Nina <3

  5. Lizlee Ayeras

    I want to win in your giveaway because I want to try those cream. Since I’m still practicing my make up skill and I am a fan of organic, It would be great if I’ll try this. As a mom, It’s too difficult for me to buy some pricey make up. It takes more days for me to decide If I will buy.

  6. Kathlyn Santos

    Wow! Ang ganda nung Express Beauty Blur Cream Primer Foundation tsaka nung shade nung So Matte Lipstick 😍 I should win the set kase po kagaya nyo, I want to try more locally made products. I have an oily and acne prone skin so naisip ko na baka ito na yung hinahanap kog products na suits sa skin ko because its natural/organic and cruel-free products. Kaso, its too pricey din lalo na for me as a stay at home mom lng can’t afford to buy kahit ung lipstick lang nila. I heard a lot of good feedbacks about Sooper Beaute products. Thank you for this giveaway ms. Nina :) this is my chanve to try these amazing products 😊☺

    • ninasinganon@live.com

      The express blur cream is my favorite!!! :) Thanks for joining Kathlyn, good luck!

  7. Arselyn de Guzman-Intoy

    I wanted to win this set because I wanted to try sooperbeaute products. I’ve read a lot of good feedbacks about their products and wantes to try and test for myself. Thanks for this giveaway!

  8. Mica Teves

    I want to win sooper beaute Products and to try it so much I wanted.Specially the Blur Cream Primer Foundation.This is suited for me because I’ve a huge pores that always my problem when I’m on the go.And thanks God this giveaway was sent from heaven to take the opportunity to join.The wonder cream too was really much have for an oily face problem like me and to all girls who suffered huge and oily skin this is the best solution to solve a problems girls.The Sooper Beaute SoMatte Lipstick in the Shade of Lyra was really Perfect this coming valentines to wear.I really this because Matte is so much love.

  9. Yasmine Manalo

    I want to win because I love sooper matte lipsticks. I also want to try the day cream and the foundation

  10. Filipinas Elardo Dava

    I’m always excited with locally made products especially if its from Sooperbeaute!! We should always support locally made brands that are of high quality which Filipinos are known for, because we always aim for excellence

  11. I want to win this because i also user of sooperbeaute Product .. Hiyang ung face ko sa organic and natural product like this kaya love na love ko din sila hehehe

  12. Mica Jane De Guzman

    I want to win this Sooper Beaute Poreless Beauty Set because I really want to try their product but it’s too expensive for me.

  13. I should win because i love beauty products and would love to try these sooper beaute !! 😍
    Thanks for the chance! Hoping ❤

  14. I should win the giveaway because I would like to experience how to have #porelessbeauty

  15. mummyistheword

    I should win the #NinaSinganonDotComXSooperBeaute Poreless Beauty Set because I’m not really a make-up expert and I trust Nina, so when she says it’s awesome, I bet it’s going to be exactly that. I like having only the make up essentials and this set seems like a “must have”!

    • ninasinganon@live.com

      Awww M, kinilig ako when I read your comment :) Thanks for joining the giveaway, and good luck! :)

  16. Hello Ms. Nina :) thanks for this generosity. I would love to win this because you really made me interested about Sooper Beaute products that can hide my problems with visible pores and my eyes are really sparkling for the Lyra lipstick :) Hope I will be your lucky one to try. God bless always, keep inspiring and empowering women through your beauty blogs.

  17. Jennifer Timonel

    Hi sis, I should win this giveaway because I really want to try the cream and the lippie. I really love the shades.

  18. Riyalyn Gatdula

    My main skin problem is having visible pores on my T zone area and when most days they’re easy to cover up, there are just some annoying times when they’re more visible than ever. I’ve always wanted to achieve that Pore-free Make Up look and there was a time when I was really frustrated because I bought tons of products but they just didn’t work that much for me… So I guess, it’s worth to try this one! And I badly need this one that’s why I want to win!

  19. arriane barrera

    Just by reading your. It made my eyes sparkle and thoughts in ny mind want to say. I want this. I really want this makeup set. ! Ohmy! II want to win this set because first. Good for oily skin. I havre super duper oily skin and i have thiss manners that im so lazy to retouch. 2nd i really love the color of the matte lipstick. Its really hard to find matte lipstick that is not so dry to lips and thanks God i read your review. I really hope to try this 😍😍

  20. Michaela Buco

    Hi Nina. :) I loved your review, I am currently interested in make-up right now, I would love to try it as Im not a make up person myself. :) Hoping to win this raffle!

  21. Mokona Modoki Chan

    I deserve to win this SooperBeaute set because I have been embracing organic/locally-made beauty products nowadays and I know that this one is what I really need. I have been reading good reviews and feedbacks about this particular brand and I want to knoe and try it myself if its really worth the hype. ☺

  22. I’m so happy that there’s finally a Filipino-based makeup that are worth it, affordable and competent to other brands! I should win the giveaway because as a teacher, I need to look simple yet presentable to my classes. With these three holy grail products, I would be able to EASILY prep my face without difficulty every morning! x

  23. Angelica Datang

    Gusto ko po manalo kase mahilig po ako sa makeup at gusto ko po matry yung ganito hindi po kase ako makabili ng bagong makeup kase kulang sa budget. God bless po

  24. Patricia Celso

    As a girl who always wants to be presentable, I always take time to somehow invest my time in front of the mirror before I leave my house and masquerade some traces of make-up in my face as I artistically play and blend colors. Indeed, make up and skin care has been already part of my daily routine, hence, there is nothing more I want but to win this loot and grab these babies! ❤️❤️❤️

  25. Maria Maria

    I should win because I haven’t try any products of sooperbeaute 😊.. And also I’m a fan of organic products .
    Thank you for the chance. 💜

  26. Jessica Horca

    Constantly thinking of how to hide my oily skin is something I’m bound to do during every hangout with my family or friends. I want to give Sooper Beaute’s Poreless Beauty Essentials a shot because I can’t go out comfortably knowing that others are probably seeing a shiny, gross section of my face. So, thank you for your reviews on the products and God bless what you & your blog have yet to come!

  27. angelie namindang

    Yay!!! Another giveaway… I want to win this because it’s awesome. And I want to try this 3 product from Sooper beaute. Lalo na yung wonder cream super dry fresh day cream and the so matte lipstick in Lyra. Bongga Kasi Yun effect, kaya gusto ko rin siya entry. Yay!! Hoping. :-) 💋💗💗

    • ninasinganon@live.com

      Yes, more giveaways this 2017 ang promise ko diba? :) Thanks for joining Angelie! :)

      • angelie namindang

        Yay!!! Sana makaisa man lang madam SA more giveawas niyo PO this 2017. Hehe God bless and more power po!

  28. Michelle C. Baliling

    I really love to win this beauty goodies Ms.Nina kasi po according to your review its organic and natural kaya for sure its safe to use kahit sa mga teenage at kaya po im very excited for this giveaway kasi it last linger than the other make-up.Retouch no mre ika nga.Kaya hoping to winnthis kasi ang ganda ng kulay ng lipstick at for sure gaganda ako niyo hehe.Thanks po Miss Nina for giving me a chance to join this guveaway which I do loved it much.Godbless po and goodluck for more blogs po.kasi

    • ninasinganon@live.com

      Hi Michelle, thank you so much for your kind words and for joining the giveaway. Good luck :)

  29. LA Littaua

    I want to win this Sooper Beaute set because I know they are made organic which is more safe for our skin. They are 100% Filipino made which means they are able to help some of our countrymen. 👌

  30. Arlene bejosano obien

    I want to win this because I heard a lot of good reviews and feedback about this products and I want to personally try to experience it so hopefully to score this one thanks for the chance anyways goodluck everyone :)

  31. teresa tabayan

    I want to win have this bcoz i love natural looking makeups.. And this sooperbeaute makeup peizes are perfect for my natural makeup look…

  32. vivian rosales

    I should win the #NinaSinganonDotComXSooperBeaute Poreless Beauty Set because i want to try for myself the beauty set that everyone is talking about. I heard it is making wonders on many skin problems. Whats more, i really love the So Mate Lipstick. Its perfect for my skintone and my everyday #ootd. Thank you for this chance. Praying to win!

  33. Jenielyn de Castro

    I should win this giveaway because actually I really want to try this product coz this might be good for my oily face and at the same it is organic…

  34. Norievic Sy

    Wow you are sooo generous po! Ive been followng you snce january and super nkakaengganyo magpaganda dhl s posts po ninyo. I liked to stay pretty that much pero as a mother, inuuna ko muna needs ng family ko and never thought about spending cents for my own. If I would be chosen, Id be very happy. Macocoveran na flaws sa face ko hehehe. Have a nice day po!

    • ninasinganon@live.com

      Awww, I was touched by your comment Norievic! :) Thank you for joining the giveaway and good luck :)

  35. Thank you for your generosity that we have the opportunity to experience to use Sooper Beaute products .
    I want to win the prize because I have an oily face, I do believe in the product efficiency and quality so I want to try it.

  36. Ganda lahat! :) I’ve read a lot of good reviews about Sooperbeaute Products and I really want to buy but their products is somehow pricey that’s why I joined here in your giveaway :) Thanks for having this great giveaway! More power to you and to your blog. :*

  37. Thankyou for this chance. I should win your giveaway because its amazing and it would make my year 2017 awesome. The shade of the lipstick is 😍 Its organic and local brand so for sure I’m going to love it. Nowadays, its really hard for me to buy somehing for my self because there are so many things in my life that I need to prioritize first. So if ever I win, I will be very happy. 😊

    • ninasinganon@live.com

      Hello – thank you so much for joining the giveaway and good luck!!! <3

  38. […] else who joined the giveaway but did not win, don’t worry! I have a giveaway ongoing, the #SooperBeauteXNinaSinganonDotCom #PorelessBeauty Giveaway so be sure to join that one – and I have so many more giveaways in store for you guys pa! Just […]

  39. Jeanette Layar

    I want to win these Sooper Beaue #PorelessBeauty simply because it’s healty on my skin. And make my skin smooth and gentle. Matte Lipstick will give glamour to my lips.

  40. josephine gerlingo

    I want to win this kasi fan ako ng organic products simula nung ngtry ako ng biguerlai tea naisip ko na magtatatry din ako ng ibang products na organic kaya lng its pricey I cannot afford pagmommy ka na uunahin mo kapakanan ng family more than yourself. Kaya if ever I win ayyy Thank you Lord gaganda na ulit si mommy pretty hahaha I claim it Im pretty even if im already a mom walang kokontra pagbigyan niyo na ako hehhehe Thank you sis @ninasinganon for giving us a chance I know that God will bless you more kasi becoz of this youre giving us to be pretty like you din😊😊😘😘

  41. Raine Gonzales

    Hi Niña! For me, being able to win your amazing giveaway would be a priviledge, not only patronizing our fellow Filipino product but also being cruelty-free and organic, it definitely doubles the standard of the Sooper Beaute Set :) I’m a pregnant Mom, and being able to try this would definitely be thrilling for me and my co-preggy moms since our skin is very sensitive due to being super duper oily or super duper dry. This can also be one of the “must haves” or “go-to” products of preggy moms if I could do a review about it. :) Annnd, of course the So Matte Lipstick never disappoints a kikay lady :) Hoping to win. And goodluck to all of us. :)

    • ninasinganon@live.com

      Congratulations on the pregnancy Raine, and I am wishing you a safe and hassle free pregnancy! :) Thanks for joining the giveaway and good luck!

  42. Hope to win.. 3 more days.. I’m so excited.

  43. […] Thank you so much for joining the #NinaSinganonDotComxSooperBeaute Giveaway! I enjoyed reading your comments on the blog and seeing you guys repost the giveaway photo on […]

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