Subscription Boxes in the Philippines Are they worth it

The Saladbox Double Take March 2017 Subscription Box

I know, I know, this is quite a late “unboxing” of Saladbox’s March Box but hey, better late than never right? Not gonna lie, when I first saw the teasers for the Saladbox March box, I admit I was a bit disappointed. Their teasers listed Ponds, Dove and Vaseline as their partners for the month, as well as Style Genie and I felt that it wasn’t very exciting because I can get the products from a Supermarket or Department Store without any issue. I initially felt that it was quite a let-down after last month’s Benefit box.


Subscription Boxes in the Philippines Are they worth it


Fast-forward to receiving the box just a few days into April. The box arrived just in time because my family and I were leaving for a quick holiday that weekend and I was packing my things for the trip. I ended up packing the Dove Body Wash, the Vaseline Lotion and the Pond’s White Beauty Day Cream in my travel bag – which was perfect because after spending the day under the scorching heat of the sun, it felt so good to have a cool, relaxing, enjoyable shower with the Dove Body Wash (it smells so good), and then putting back some of the moisture I lost while swimming in salty water with the Vaseline Lotion. The Pond’s White Beauty Day Cream was the moisturizer I used for the entire trip too as I didn’t bring my all-time favorite Pond’s Dewy Rose Gel (the packaging is glass and I didn’t want to risk a travel bag disaster – que horror). The other products, I put in my to-try box for now and I hope I can get around to trying them soon – except for the travel size BB cream, that already made it’s way in my on-the-go make up kit.


In the end, after thinking about it, it’s still a pretty good deal. Granted, I can certainly purchase most of these at the store myself, but I can’t do so with just 500pesos (600 if you include shipping) – which is what this entire box cost – plus I get to explore and try new products that I otherwise won’t take notice of at the store. They also included a Style Genie gift card – if you didn’t know, Style Genie is an clothing monthly subscription box. They have a questionnaire for you to answer so they can profile your style and their stylists select the clothing for you. I like the idea of having a clothing subscription box for sure, but being that I am a bit on the heavy side, I feel like the selections are limited for ladies of my size. LOL!


Subscription Boxes in the Philippines Are they worth it


Oh and I’ve noticed on their online profile that most of the questions they receive either pertains to what boxes to receive, how to order, and when the boxes will be delivered. I do think that they have a tendency to ship the boxes later in the month, so more often than not you receive the box towards the end of the month or about a week into the next month but I guess all good things are worth the wait. They are pretty good at responding to the questions on their Facebook page, and are diligent at letting the subscribers know when the boxes will be sent out via their Facebook and Instagram pages so I think that’s a fair compromise.


I signed up for their 3-month subscription so I have one more box coming. I hope it’s a good one, then I’ll decide if it’s worth getting a 12-month subscription. Have you tried Saladbox? What are your thoughts on the service?



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