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Q and A Tuesday

“How often should I wash my brushes?”


A friend and I were chatting the other day about make up and beauty things when she mentioned that she hasn’t washed her brushes for almost a month. *shock horror gasp* SoΒ I told her vehemently that she should wash the brushes regularly to avoid bacteria build up and prevent infections or contaminations (breakouts – eep!) She then asked me – “so how often should I wash my brushes then?”


Hey AB, this post is dedicated to you!


I would say once a week – especially if you use your brushes on a daily basis. If you can wash your brushes more often, even better! Just make sure you are gentle with it


For eyeliner brushes or any brush I use with cream products, I always spot clean after use. I spritz a brush cleaner on the brush, take a tissue and rub rub rub the bristles on the tissue gently.


Once a week, I take my used brushes and do a deep clean. I wet the brush, apply a brush soap/baby soap/baby shampoo and rub-swirl-rinse-repeat. I used to just use my hands, but last year, I purchased an egg sponge and it’s helped a lot.


Always clean your brushes and store them in a cool, dry place to avoid bacteria build up!


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