New Favorites and Some Random Ramblings

Hi Guys – yeap, I’m still alive. I haven’t fallen off the face of the Earth or anything like that. I’ve just been a teeny bit overwhelmed with life lately! Anyway, I am back with a quick post on my current favorites.



Pond’s Flawless White BB Cream in Beige

I have been wanting to try this since it first came out but I have so many other BB/CC creams that it didnt feel right to pick up another one until I could finish up at least one in my stash. Well, as soon as I emptied Tony Moly’s The Oriental Gyeol Goun BB Cream (which was amazing, by the way – thanks M!), I went out and got this to try. I like that the shade Beige has a yellow undertone and just enough coverage for day to day use.  The product is not sticky and it settles on to the skin beautifully. I really dont care for the whitening properties in this thing, to be honest – I just really like the fact that its great for everyday, it’s easily accessible (department stores, personal care stores and even groceries stock this) and it’s pretty affordable at Php299.00!


Wet N Wild “Reserve Your Cabana” Bronzer

You guys know how much I love Wet N Wild’s Acapulco Glow Bronzer, right? Well, this is the silkier, finer version of the Acapulco Glow. I use this not only when I want to add a subtle highlight on my face – I also use it under my eyes. I never really thought I would use a highlighter to set my under-eye area (thanks Hourglass folks for giving us this idea haha) but this is subtle enough that it gives my under-eye area the boost that it desperately needs!


Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in the shade Evasion

Chanel Evasion has got to be my current most favorite lipstick. It’s a great MLBB (my lips but better, for you kids who are not in the know, LOL) shade for me. It is very comfortable to wear – not sticky and not dry – and it fades nicely too! Oh and look at that packaging – so simple and chic but very solid and sturdy!


Girlstuff Forever Fast Dry Topcoat

One of the things that I hate the most about painting my nails is the waiting-for-my-nails-to-dry-and-I-cant-do-anything moment. I really don’t like that feeling of being hostaged by your own nails ha ha ha! I love Orly’s quick dry topcoat but it’s so darn expensive so I am happy I found this Fast Dry topcoat from Girlstuff Forever! Priced at Php150.00, it’s 1/3rd of the cost of the Orly topcoat and it dries my nails super fast, keeps my nail polish super shiny and chip free for at least 4 days.


Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette

I recently went to Penang, Malaysia and when it came to packing my make up kit, I wanted to keep it as condensed as possible. I knew that I wanted to bring just one eyeshadow palette that I can use for both day and night and I ended up deciding on the Naked 2 palette from Urban Decay. It’s definitely travel friendly with it’s metal packaging and I never worried that my eyeshadows would break or that the palette would accidentally open during the trip. I also liked that I had all the colors that I needed for day and night. If you are looking for a travel-friendly, versatile palette, try the Naked 2!


I thought I’d add 2 non-beauty related favorites as well!


Cute 2-in-1 Plastic Cord Holder and Phone Stand

I was at SM BF looking for Halloween accessories for Chubbster Buster when I came across this cute teal and salmon plastic thing with an animal print on it. I didn’t know what it was at first, but when I saw that it was a phone stand and that it was on sale at PHP50.00, I knew I had to get it and as I was taking it out of the box, I saw on the instruction sheet that it doubles up as a cord holder as well *woot woot*. I have been looking for a phone stand that could fit into my bag and I can carry with me everywhere for a while now and I am happy I found one that is cute and also doubles up as my earphone cord holder!


My Planner/Organizer

I’ve been using this planner since July and it’s so useful! I am not a weekly/montly planner kind of girl – I find that those kinds of planners like the Starbucks planners do not work at all for me. I much prefer having my organizer where i can have my Monthly pages, my Weekly pages, To-do’s, Important Info, Addresses, etc. I like having blank pages that I can just doodle on, blank sheets of paper that I can “brain dump” on. It’s made my life a little bit more manageable and organized – which I desperately need since I recently started taking classes and between that, my day job, my side job, home responsibilities and fur-mommy duties, it’s a little too much! My planner keeps me on target and I never forget an important date/appointment/schedule. It’s not a Filofax or a Kikki K (which are so pretty but sooooo expensive) but it works just the same! I got mine from National Bookstore but I’ve since changed it up to a royal blue one that my little sister got for me yesterday. I recently discovered on YouTube and online that there is a pretty big planner community (I know, who knew?) who customize their planners. I’ve gotten some great ideas from them and have been enjoying decorating mine.


My current favorites list is pretty short, I must say – I have become more picky of the things that make it into my favorites. I realized that “love” has replaced like in many situations these days. It’s so easy to say “oh my gosh, I love this product/thing/person (uy, hugot!) these days and I really wanted to take a step back, reevaluate and not say I love something when I really only like it, you know what I mean?


Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading! Ta-ta for now!

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