Shayne Naidas ViviannaDoesMakeup Anna Gardner Genzel Habab GenZelKisses Lisa Eldridge Teni Panosian Kristie Dash Victoria Magrath IntheFrow Claire Marshall Lily Pebbles Patrick Starr Ashley Graham Manny Mua Manny Gutierrez

My Favorite Snapchat Accounts

Shayne Naidas ViviannaDoesMakeup Anna Gardner Genzel Habab GenZelKisses Lisa Eldridge Teni Panosian Kristie Dash Victoria Magrath IntheFrow Claire Marshall Lily Pebbles Patrick Starr Ashley Graham Manny Mua Manny Gutierrez


I am obsessed with Snapchat, and I have a few people that no matter what the time, no matter where I am, I always make sure to check and watch their Snaps. I enjoy watching them and because sharing is caring (ha ha), I thought I’d share them with you:


Snapchat favorites Kristie Dash

Kirstie Dash

Snapchat: kristiedash

She is the Digital Beauty Editor of Allure Magazine (aka the Beauty Bible) and I love her fun personality! She snaps anything from catching Pokemons in the streets of New York to behind the scenes of what’s going on in Allure and so much more! She is definitely my favorite Snapchatter!


Snapchat favorites Lily Pebbles

Lily Pebbles

Snapchat: lilypebbles

I have always enjoyed watching Lily Pebbles’ Youtube videos, and her snaps are no different. I like seeing London through her eyes, new release unboxings and more!


Snapchat favorites Anna Gardner ViviannaDoesMakeup

Anna Gardner

Snapchat: viviannamakeup

Watching Anna’s snaps will make you want to be more healthy, organise, clean and live a simpler life. I love how down to earth she is and she’s inspired me to downsize and live without clutter!


Snapchat favorites Claire Marshall

Claire Marshall

Snapchat: heyclairehey

Claire is, in a word, badass! Not only does she create amazing content on Youtube, she seems to have a good head on her shoulders, and a genuinely kind heart. She is definitely in my top 5 favorite content creators!


Snapchat favorites Teni Panosian

Teni Panosian

Snapchat: tenipanosian

Classy with an edge, that’s Teni! I love her vibe – down to earth, level headed and smart! She is one of my all-time favorite Youtube beauty gurus and I enjoy seeing her doggies – they are adorable!


Snapchat favorites Victoria Magrath IntheFrow

Victoria Magrath

Snapchat: inthefrow

Victoria is very chic and elegant. I love her fashion and oh my gosh, she goes to the most scenic places! If you love luxury high end fashion and beauty, you should follow Victoria. She is amazing!


Snapchat favorites PatrickStarrr

Patrick Starrr

Snapchat: pstarrrsnaps

More than the beauty transformations and beauty insider info I get from his snapchat, I enjoy watching him because he just radiates positivity and light!  


Snapchat favorites MannyMua Manny Gutierrez


Snapchat: mannymua

Sassy and funny, he is fun to watch as he tries to get his family on Snapchat (which none of them want to) and unbox new beauty releases!


Snapchat favorites Lisa Eldridge

Lisa Eldridge

Snapchat: thelisaeldridge

One of my favorite make up artists, Lisa Eldridge is a joy to watch on Snapchat. I love seeing her workspace (aka the House of Eldridge) and her vintage make up collection is to die for!!!


Snapchat favorites Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham

Snapchat: theashleygraham

Ashley Graham is one of the top plus size models in the US and I definitely get it, she is STUNNING!!! I mean just look at that face – absolutely gorgeous! I love that she promotes body positivity and confidence no matter what your size or shape.


Snapchat favorites Shayne Naidas QueenOfAllYouSee

Shayne Naidas

Snapchat: queenofallusee

She is one of my first “blogger” friends and she’s friendly and very nice. If you want a handle on cruelty-free brands (which is something she’s been liking a lot lately), need redecorating inspiration (her room is so pretty) or enjoy watching cute doggie snaps (Bentley is adorable), definitely check her out!


Snapchat favorites Genzel Habab Gen-Zel Kisses

Genzel Habab


If you want to be the first to know about local beauty releases, you should follow Genzel. She has a very successful blog and she often does unboxing on her snapchat. Oh and watch out for pretty little Chuchai, her very adorable doggie!


So there you go, my Snapchat Dozen! LOL!!! Who are your Snapchat faves? I’d love to check them out, so please share them with me below! Oh and while we are on the topic of Snapchat, follow me on there, my Snapchat username is ninasinganon. Let’s be snapchat buddies!!! 😉


*** All photos were taken from the World Wide Web. I do not own any of the individual artist’s photos. If you own any of the photos I shared above, and would like to be credited, please send me a message. ***

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  1. Gen-zel

    July 23, 2016 at 8:56 AM

    I’m obsessed with snapchat too! Esp while working, I have snaps of you guys playing around while I work. It’s like watching YouTube videos in a different approach 🙂 Thanks so much Nina for this! I love your snaps too! Hope to meet you soon love! ?


      July 25, 2016 at 4:13 PM

      Yes, whenever I need a break from work, I watch the Snaps hehe! I like how more “real” it is and it makes the people more relatable, no? You are very welcome, and I hope we can get together soon 🙂

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