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Maximize the Life of Your Manicure |

I haven’t had a manicure in ages, mainly because I kept my nails VERY short and it doesn’t look cute painted haha, but being the true blue beauty addict that I am, I couldn’t stay away! My nails are finally at a decent length and I had my nails done for the first time in what feels like ages a few days ago. I normally do my nails myself – why pay if you can do it yourself right? I opt to save money on getting mani/pedis so I can have more for other beauty things ha ha ha!


Anyway, I had a bit of time to finally have my nails cleaned and because I spent money on it, I want it to last. I don’t really mind my nails chipping after just a few days when I do it myself, but for whenever I go get it done, I want to maximize it and make it last for at least 7 days. That rarely happens, so here are some tips on how you can maximize the life of your manicure!


maximize the life of your manicure, extend your mani, mani, nails, notd


BRING YOUR OWN NAIL POLISH. Sometimes the nail polishes at the salons aren’t stored properly, or have been in storage for a really long time. You can avoid bubbly or streaky manicures if you bring your own bottle. This also allows you to do the next tip, which is…

RETOUCH YOUR MANI ONCE IT STARTS SHOWING WEAR AND TEAR. I always make sure I either bring my own bottle or use a color that I have a dupe of at home when I get my nails done so I can paint over the chips and cracks. The key is first covering just the chipped area, letting it dry completely, applying a thin coat all over the nail and then sealing it in with a top coat.

ALLOW YOUR NAILS TO DRY COMPLETELY. Before doing anything that will damage your brand new mani (which is pretty much anything to be honest ha ha ha), allow it to dry completely. I used to like putting my wet nails in ice water so that it will dry quickly, but I noticed my manicure would begin to bubble up after a few minutes so I’ve stopped doing that. What I do now is use a quick-drying top coat and I’m telling you, it is life changing HAHAHA.

DON’T PICK ON THE NAIL POLISH. When it starts to chip, I know it’s so tempting to pick on it and try to remove the polish all in one go (it’s like a game ha ha) but not only will that damage your nails, there’s no saving your mani if you do!


It may seem a bit much, but it’s so much easier than getting a manicure, enjoying it for just a few days, get annoyed when it starts to chip, remove the nail polish and start all over again! Let me know if you try or have been doing any of the things I mentioned, and if you have other mani tips!!!

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