Bobbie Nail Polish Rebel February Colorscope

Mani-Colorscope for February 2016 |


Self-discovery is always a priority for you. And while you’re in this maturation phase (this doesn’t apply to age, it applies to life’s cycles), balancing your personal interests while simultaneously learning how to thoughtfully and effectively communicate may become your greatest strength yet. Think self-mastery while addressing issues of vulnerability, eccentricity, and reliability. Seem like a contradiction? It’s really not. You typically know best, in which case you might need to consider that someone else may know something different. By discussing your feelings with others, you may find that you feel vulnerable. You may discover that your ideas are eccentric. You may feel inspired to be more reliable and more supportive of others. Embrace the changes in store. Wearing this deep greenish-blue shade gifts you a sense of peace.




Your power shade this month is… Dolce & Gabbana Nail Lacquer in Peacock ($27)


Did you know that there is such a thing as colorscopes? In a nutshell, it’s color astrology that is based on the idea that certain colors and hues can calm you, energize you, empower you, etc. I have been following the mani-colorscopes on Byrdie and last month (February), I decided to try and wear my “power color” for at least a week.


February is all about the blues – vibrant and loud blues, metallic and shimmery blues, and sexy and dark blues. For my sign (Sagittarius), the power shade was a deep dark blue like Dolce and Gabbana’s nail polish in the shade Peacock. Now, I wouldn’t spend thousands on a nail polish that I don’t even know if I will like, so I went to good old SM Department Store to look for a cheaper alternative. I tried looking through the collections (Orly, Cutex, Essence, Chic, Bobbie, Caronia) and the only one I could find that I felt was closest to D&G Peacock was the shade Rebel from Bobbie.


Bobbie Nail Polish Rebel February Colorscope


Less than 50 pesos, the formula is on the thin side, so its not difficult to work with. I applied 3 sheer coats to get this color. It stayed on surprisingly well – I am on my fourth day of wearing it on my nails and even after giving my doggie a bath, it is still chip-free! Pretty impressive for a 50-peso product. Hmm, I wonder what my March colorscope will be…


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