Make Up By Nina: Cris and Mary Prenup Shoot

Last July 14, I had the pleasure of working with a beautiful couple – Cris and Mary – for their prenuptial shoot. Call time was at 5AM so I had to go straight to Parque España Alabang after my work. As groggy as I was, I was excited because I was finally going to be able to work with a very good friend Mary T., who was the stylist for the shoot. She created most of the amazing props that the couple used – including that amazing gigantic sword!

It was fun and interesting because unlike other prenup shoots I have worked on in the past, this one had a full storyline and complete costumes! Basically, their theme was inspired by Somewhere in Time, with a mix of Clash of Clans and their favorite activity together, running. I don’t think I can share the entire storyline with you because they have a prenup video coming out as well – so I will wait for that to be available and let the video tell the story he he! I like well-planned prenup shoots – it just makes the whole process more fun and enjoyable if everything is organized, you know?

Here are some of the photos from that shoot. I asked the couple if I could share, and they said yes so I am sharing them with you! Mary looks so pretty with pink hair, doesn’t she?

Photo shoots are always tiring but I walk away each and every time with a smile on my face. Especially for prenup photo shoots, you can definitely feel the love the couple has for one another.

To Cris and Mary, cheers to your upcoming nuptials. Thank you for trusting me with your prenup photo shoot and I wish you more love, laughter and happiness!

STYLING: Mary Torres
PHOTOGRAPHY: Studio1 Photography
HAIR AND MAKE UP: Nina Singanon

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  1. Kiss & Make-up

    August 10, 2015 at 4:36 PM

    I’m getting married in eleven days (EEP!) but my man and I didn’t get a pre-wedding photoshoot. It’s an awesome idea though, haha 🙂


      August 12, 2015 at 6:07 AM

      Yes, it would have been cool to have a prewedding shoot to add to the wedding album 🙂 Oh congratulations and BEST WISHES to you and your husband!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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