Lip and cheek tint local natural organic philippines cruelty free make up beauty

Love it or Leave It: Sooper Beaute’s New Lip and Cheek Rolly Shades

Sooper Beaute recently added 2 new shades to their Lip and Cheek Rolly line and they were so kind to send them to me to try. I tried the other five shades before (click here to read the review), and was curious to see what shades they came out with. I always have at least one in my make up kit (either Bloody Red or Darling) because I’ve been loving wearing this under my lip balm instead of a full-on lipstick. I find that these tints last quite a long time on my lips so I was really excited to try the new shades!


Lip and cheek tint local natural organic philippines cruelty free make up beauty


The two new shades are Crush and Lust. Lust is a beautiful deep burgundy shade and is the perfect lip and cheek tint for me. I love how sexy and mysterious this color is! Crush, on the other hand, is a warm terracotta. Not gonna lie, I am not a huge fan of the color but I do applaud Sooper Beaute for adding an orange-toned tint in their collection. Crush will be a great shade to use in the summer, and will look amazing on someone with a nice tan. If you loved the colors of the So Matte Lipsticks in Hydra (Crush) and Phoenix (Lust), then you probably will like these as well as the colors are very similar.


I liked the ones I tried before, so I was at least expecting that I will like these two as well but OMG – these two new shades blew me away with their pigmentation! The colors are very vibrant, a lot more opaque and just more WOW than the ones I tried before. I am not sure if they reformulated even the older shades but the formulation of these two new ones are are amazing. You have to be more careful and work fast though because it is very vibrant and it can go from zero to OTT (over the top) real quick!


Lip and cheek tint local natural organic philippines cruelty free make up beauty


Packaging wise, it is similar to the previous ones I tried with the exception of the sticker design and the color of the cover. Whereas the older ones had a semi-clear pink cover, the covers on these were white and the stickers are a lot prettier than the ones before. All in all, no major difference, it still has the same rollerball-style applicator and glass bottle.


I have been using Lust a lot as a lip tint since I received it. You can apply it full-on or you can also just apply it on the center of the lip and diffuse outward if you like the K-Beauty gradient lip trend. I haven’t used Crush other than to swatch but I am excited to use it in the summer along with my other orange/coral make up products!


Lip and cheek tint local natural organic philippines cruelty free make up beauty


I definitely recommend that you try these two new shades. They are infused with Vitamin E, Glycerin and Jojoba Oil for total lip care, are easy to use, highly pigmented and easy on the pocket too! Check them out now on, Shopee, Lazada or Instagram and take advantage of their sale. These babies are usually priced at Php150.00 but I checked and the promotional price is at Php100 at the moment. Go take advantage of the price reduction, guys – happy shopping!



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  1. Danaleen Bernardo (mcdanaleen)

    June 7, 2017 at 2:20 AM

    I have all of their shades and they were all amazing!


      June 12, 2017 at 12:18 AM

      Great value for money, no? 🙂

      1. Danaleen Bernardo (mcdanaleen)

        September 6, 2017 at 10:52 PM

        Opo 🙂 hihi mas gusto ko po ung formula nila ngayon kesa datiiii hihi pati ung packaging po 🙂

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