Good Things Come In Small Packages: Urban Decay Naked Basics

Don’t you just love receiving make up as gifts? It’s one of my favorite kinds to receive ha ha ha! This Naked Basics palette is actually a gift from J & A – it was the bridesmaid thank you gift from their wedding last September. Thanks J & A! 🙂

There was a huge buzz in the beauty world when Urban Decay released their first Naked palette years ago, and the same could be said when they released the first Naked Basics. Urban Decay’s Naked eye shadow palettes really changed the eye shadow palette game! I was always curious about these travel-friendly Naked Basics palettes but I never really thought to get one… which was a good thing because yay – I got it as a gift ha ha ha!

Anyway, on to the palette. As with most Urban Decay eye shadows, these are very pigmented. The colors are… well, basic – but it’s actually great for everyday use. Sometimes when you have too many options, it kind of makes things more complicated, y’know? This no-fuss, 6-color eye shadow palette takes the guesswork out of your make up preparation. One of the things that I don’t like about the Naked Palettes is the lack of mattes – the Naked Basics fills in that gap because the eye shadows are mostly matte (with 1 demi-matte).

Venus – off white with a teeny tiny bit of shimmer
Foxy – matte yellow-beige shade
Walk of Shame – matte pink-based nude
Naked 2 – matte pink-based taupe
Faint – matte dusty brown
Crave – matte brown/black

The Naked Basics is great for traveling too! It’s small enough to fit in your handbag or in your make up kit, or maybe even your office drawer and can work for either day to night. I like that you can do a day look and a night look with just this teeny thing. The packaging is pretty simple, but I love the material they used. I know this sounds weird but I like the feel of this palette – it’s got this matte, velvety but rubbery (in a good way) kind of texture. Hard to describe but I just looooove touching this ha ha ha! #Weirdo

The downside with the Naked Basics though is that some of the shades, I don’t get to use as much because they don’t show up on my skin. I am an NC30 (medium skin tone) and I only really get to use Walk of Shame (WOS), Naked 2, Faint and Crave on a regular basis. I very rarely use Venus and Foxy! I wish they added a bit more variety – but then again if they did, then this wouldn’t be named Naked Basics right? :p

Urban Decay Naked Basics (Original)

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