Gifts Galore

August is my gifts galore month. I received a number of new toys from my friends and family and I can’t be more ecstatic!!! Whats even more amazing is that they got me things that I either have been wanting since forever, or things I already love and need more of. Ha ha! I can’t stress this enough, I have pretty awesome friends and family!

Let’s start with the “already have but need more of”. A friend of mine who refuses to be mentioned on my blog got me not one but two beauty blenders! This is one of the must-have things for a make up artist to have in their kit. I don’t use it to apply foundation because I still prefer my slanted kabuki brushes for that, but it’s great at removing excess product before powdering, correcting and cleaning up mistakes and blending under eye concealers. It just gives you the most flawless finish! I don’t know what it is about this sponge but to the beauty gods who invented it, three cheers for you!!! He got me the black ones because he knows my favourite colour is black. YAY thank you!

Up next is the pasalubong I received from one of my high school friends. “AM” is getting married in a few days so her best friend (and maid of honour) “AA” came home too. “AA” asked me what I wanted as pasalubong, and I just said “beauty stuff”. Ha ha! I was ecstatic when she gave me this Tarte travel size set containing a Lip Surgence Lipstick and an Amazonian Clay blush. I’ve been wanting to try Tarte’s Amazonian Clay blushes for a long time now but I have been on a blusher ban so I haven’t bought any but yay I can finally try and see if it is worth the hype! The Lip Surgence is interesting too since I have been going gaga over lip crayons ever since I tried Revlon’s Lacquer Balms and Balm Stains – I am excited to try Tarte’s version!

Then we have the Chanel and Nars lipsticks I asked my sister to get for me. I bought it online and these are my first Chanel and Nars products so thanks dear Seastar for finally getting sick of me begging and finally succumbing to getting these for me ha ha ha!

And finally, the pièce de résistance, the Charlotte Tilbury treasures. I asked my bride-to-be friend “AM” to get the CT Filmstar Bronze and Glow for me in America since I was having such a hard time looking for it here. I found it being sold by a premium make up online store but it was almost double the price that I ended up backing out from that purchase. Good thing my friend was cool about buying and bringing it here! Oh my gosh I was giddy with excitement when she handed these to me. I was squealing like an idiot, I swear. The packaging alone is gorgeous and the product, I am sure, is amazing. I haven’t used this yet – not even to swatch ha ha ha! I also asked her to get a lipstick for me and I love it. Check out the shade name (Bitch Perfect), isn’t it perfect for me? Ha ha ha!

So there you go, I love August – it feels like December with all the goodies I received! A big THANK YOU to “Anonymous” (LOL), “AA”, my Seastar and “AM” for all these! I know they are just make up but I love the thought and effort you put in in getting these for me. Make up makes me happy, but your genuine friendship and love makes me feel euphoric!!! Lavlav you guys so so much!!!

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  1. shayne

    September 3, 2015 at 5:56 PM

    omg pls review the charlotte tilbury products :3 ive been eyeing that brand, ganda kasi ng packaging hihi!
    lucky girl you’re surrounded by super generous people <3


      September 3, 2015 at 7:47 PM

      YES! Ha ha ha I wish it was more readily available to us here though (and at a reasonable price!)

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