Fresh Start


For the longest time, I have been prodded by my friends to start blogging again. The last two beauty blogs I had (yes, two) a few years ago died slow and painful deaths (i exaggerate, of course) because in the end, it didn’t feel enjoyable anymore. It started becoming a chore and I always had something to complain about with my posts – bad lighting in photos, the theme was all wrong, I didn’t like the color scheme, I had writer’s block… the list went on and on. In the end, I just completely let go of the idea of being a beauty blogger. I logged in, clicked delete, and that was that. Whenever a friend motioned for me to start blogging again, I would just shrug it off. If anyone asked why I deleted my blog/s, I would just say “I outgrew it”. Blogging was the least of my interests, and going back to it was not a thought that elicited excitement and joy. Not that I had a big following back then (my readers were mostly my friends in real life – thanks for the support guys) but whatever.

Starting up a blog didn’t feel quite right… until today.

I don’t know what it was, but I suddenly felt excited to blog. I have been posting more beauty stuff on Instagram and some quick reviews on products I encountered that I liked so perhaps that triggered it, or it could be because I started playing with make up again, creating looks that were not appropriate for events or weddings and whatnot, and tapping more into my creative side. Maybe it was because I have been going to workshops and it rekindled my passion for beauty and make up and the art involved in all of it. Maybe it’s the fact that I realized that I shouldn’t care too much what other people will say as long as it makes me happy. Perhaps it’s none of that… or perhaps it’s all of that. I can’t tell you exactly why I decided to go back to the world of blogging other than it felt right.

So here I am, on a new domain with a fresh outlook – a few years older, a bit more in tune with who I am and with a new found IDGAF mentality. Change has changed me.

This should be interesting, no? The best is yet to come (I hope, LOL).

Ciao Bella!

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