Eyeshadow Colourpop Review Hype Love it or Leave It Worth Buying Where to Get

Trying Out Colourpop Eyeshadows for the First Time – Is It Worth The Hype? | La La, On The Rocks and Nillionnaire

Eyeshadow Colourpop Review Hype Love it or Leave It Worth Buying Where to Get
For the longest time, I avoided the Colourpop hype. I didn’t get any of their liquid lipsticks or eyeshadows because I honestly have not been buying make up all that much (I still have a sh*tload I need to go through) but my friends who live in the US rave about it, and even some of my favorite local beauty gals have been telling me they have great products so when I saw a friend selling barely used/just swatched Colourpop eyeshadows, I felt that it was the perfect time to try them!
I got the shades On The Rocks and Nillionaire, and my friend was very kind to include La La as well. It was slightly damaged, but I did not mind because hey, it was free – who doesnt like free products, no? LOL! I was (im)patiently waiting for the postman to arrive since I was told the package had been shipped. I couldn’t help myself, I was just too excited to try the eyeshadows because I heard that Colourpop’s formula is unique in that their eyeshadows feel like cream but are actually powder with a very bouncy texture that’s unlike many other eyeshadows out there.

Eyeshadow Colourpop Review Hype Love it or Leave It Worth Buying Where to Get
Now on to the good stuff:
La La is a beautiful rosey copper-brown and is easily my favorite among the three. I have been wearing this non-stop since I got this and I absolutely love it. Classified as an Ultra Metallic eyeshadow – it does live up to that because this one looks very metallic. Highly pigmented and swatches exactly like how it looks on the pan, I cannot get enough of this! I like to apply it using my fingers as an all-over lid color, then I just add a matte brown on the socket line, a black powder eyeliner and I am good to go! The formula itself is so smooth and very easy to blend, whether you are using your fingers or a brush.
On the Rocks is a pretty rust-brown with gold and purple glitter. This is my second-favorite out of the three because the color is a nice warm brown that would have been perfect as a one-and-done eyeshadow but I feel that the glitter makes it a little Over The Top (OTT). I wish they came out with this exact shade but without the glitter because I’d be all over that! Classified as a Metallic, this one applied easily despite the glitter particles and was very pigmented as well.
Nillionaire is a cool khaki-brown with multi-colored glitter. It is my least favorite among the three because it isn’t as pigmented as the other two. It’s patchy when applied, which is disappointing because this is one of the shades that’s been referred to me a couple of times. Also classified as a Metallic, I feel that this has way too much glitter that caused the product to be patchy and uneven. This was definitely grittier and is not as smooth to apply as the other two.


Eyeshadow Colourpop Review Hype Love it or Leave It Worth Buying Where to Get

Left to Right: Nillionnaire, On The Rocks, La La

As for the packaging, it’s very utilitarian and not too exciting, but I can appreciate it’s functionality. It’s easy to travel with and doesn’t take too much space in your make up kit. Priced at $5.00 in the US, I’ve seen local online sellers price this at Php280 to Php350 each, which is kind of steep if you convert the dollar figures to peso, but these sellers do have to pay for shipping and customs fees to get these products to us in the PH.

I still get so trippy every time I use these because the formula and the texture is so weird when you first touch it. It’s like my mind expects it to be creamy/liquidy but then it’s actually powder. LOL it’s definitely fun to use! Just be sure to close the caps properly after using it because I’ve heard that some folks saying that theirs dried out after leaving it open for a few hours.
Eyeshadow Colourpop Review Hype Love it or Leave It Worth Buying Where to Get
All in all, I like the eyeshadows but I think I will steer clear from the glittery ones. I looked online and I think I want to try Coconut (a beautiful iridescent blue that makes me think of mermaids), Wilshire (a matte peach-brown) and Roulette (a matte black because you can’t ever go wrong with a matte black eyeshadow). I also heard amazing things about their highlighters so maybe I’ll try those as well to see if the formula is the same – it would be so interesting if it does! I don’t know why I didn’t believe it at first, but you guys, I finally get the Colourpop Hype! Now, whether it is a good or bad thing, I honestly do not know (LOL) but I guess we’ll just roll with it!
Have you tried Colourpop’s eyeshadows? What are your favourites?


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