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I absolutely love it when I find something inexpensive, easily accessible and works amazingly well! It’s a beauty lover’s dream!

Nichido Lip Pencil Roseette MLBB Mac Mehr

Lip pencils are often overlooked but it definitely helps your lipstick look more vibrant, last longer and fade beautifully. I also often use a lip pencil in lieu of a lipstick because I like that it looks matte and lasts a long time.


The Nichido Lip Pencil in the shade Rosette is one of my all time favorite lip pencils. Since I discovered it about 3 years ago, I have repurchased it three times. That’s quite a feat, I think, especially for a lip liner!Nichido Lip Pencil Roseette MLBB Mac Mehr

It’s a beautiful rosy light brown color that I think suits a lot of skin tones. I always wear this when I want to look presentable, but not overly done or when I want to go for a soft and gentle look.

Nichido Lip Pencil Roseette MLBB Mac Mehr

The best part? You can get it from any Nichido stalls in various department stores (got mine from SM) for Php100.00! Great value for money!

Nichido Lip Pencil Roseette MLBB Mac Mehr

Nichido Lip Pencil – Rosette

Nichido Beauty Stall

SM Department Store


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