Chic Nail Polish Touch of Tan Affordable Nail Lacquer

An Oldie but a Goodie: Chic Touch of Tan Nail Polish |

I have very distinct memories from when I was a little girl – my mum and older sister would get their nails done by the home service mani/pedi lady on a weekly basis. Whenever she was around, I would always hang around – looking through her collection of nail varnishes and watch her clean their nails. I guess I should have taken that as a sign that I’d be a beauty addict when I got older ha ha ha! I was a weird kid, I loved observing the hair dressers, nail techs and make up artists do their thing. It was very mesmerizing ha ha ha!

Chic Nail Polish Touch of Tan Affordable Nail Lacquer

Anyway, one of the nail polishes that seemed to be a staple in the mani/pedi lady’s kit was the shade Touch of Tan. This was also my older sister’s favorite – she alternated between this and a French manicure. I didn’t really like this color when I was younger – I mean hello, violets and blues and greens were cooler than brown.

Fast forward to many years later (don’t ask how many, k?) I find myself liking these nude colors a lot more. These days, whenever my nails grow out to that “not too long but not too short” length, I find myself picking a pretty “true nude”, a taupe or a brown-nude.

Chic Nail Polish Touch of Tan Affordable Nail Lacquer

Last week, I was itching to paint my nails but the nail polish I originally planned on using had dried up. I was dead set on going for a brown nude so off to the drugstore I went to buy an affordable nail polish, just to satiate my urge to paint my nails. Ha ha ha. I know, I can be a little crazy.

I was going through the selection and I found this – Touch of Tan. The color has been around for years, so it’s definitely become a classic! I bought a bottle of it and excitedly went home to paint my nails. It was very easy to apply, coverage is good so you can get away with just two coats.

Chic Nail Polish Touch of Tan Affordable Nail Lacquer

I am so happy that something so affordable can be so perfect! It is exactly what I wanted, and I am glad that the nail polish stayed on for a good 4 days before it started chipping. I topped it off with my favorite Orly Fast Dry Top Coat, so I didn’t have to wait too long for my nails to dry.

The formula dries up after about 3 – 4 uses, but because it is very inexpensive (costs less than 10% of an Orly nail polish), I don’t think that it’s a problem.

Chic Nail Polish – Touch of Tan
Available in all drugstores and supermarkets

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