where to buy korean beauty make up skincare in the philippines althea korea

Happy Birthday Althea Korea! #AltheaTurns2

One of my favorite online beauty stores just turned two! I cannot believe it’s been two years since Althea Korea opened the doors to a lot of amazing Korean beauty brands that we otherwise wouldn’t have had easy access to. I have fallen in love with so many Korean beauty brands (other than the Pond’s Dewy Rose Gel, most of my skincare are from various Korean brands) because they make it so easy for us Filipinas to get our hands on these KBeauty Goods.


where to buy korean beauty make up skincare in the philippines althea korea


One other thing that I love about the folks over at Althea is they always try to make it so fun for us to shop their site. From giving us the best prices, cutest boxes and the most awesome discounts, they also come up with specially curated sets that offer amazing value! The shopping experience is super easy and they deliver straight to your doorstep – no need to deal with the hassle of picking up packages from the post office! I have tried to pay using COD, Credit Card and Paypal in the past and I never had an issue (although I am not too sure if they still offer COD since I heard they had multiple issues with the packages being declined by the buyers when it’s being delivered… tsk tsk bad shoppers!) They say shipping takes 10 to 15 days but I find that all my packages arrive sometime between 5 to 10 days. They also offer free shipping too for orders over Php999 so you don’t have to worry about paying exorbitant shipping fees since the package is shipped from Korea.


Now on to the good stuff. I picked up a few things from them recently to replenish my make up stock (naks) and I tried to be good and only get products I know I needed. It was so hard you guys since there are SO MANY awesome products on Althea but I managed to resist and not be too spendy haha!


where to buy korean beauty make up skincare in the philippines althea korea


First thing that I got was this Comme Comme Pink Brush Tin Case. I have been travelling more than usual and I thought this would be perfect to put my brushes in. I was slightly disappointed with the size though – my full-size brushes don’t fit in it so I guess I can only bring my travel-sized brushes if I want to use this. I was initially thinking of getting the lavender one, but I figured I needed to get over my aversion to pink things (haha) so I got the pink! I like how it’s a muted, pastel pink – not an in-your-face pink.


Next I got the Lebaton BanBan Cleanser. I was initially contemplating on getting the BanBan cream as well but I am pretty loyal to my Pond’s Dewy Rose Gel so I skipped it and went with just the cleanser. You get two products in one with this – a cleansing oil to remove most of your makeup and a cleansing gel to further clean your face. I have been trying this for a few weeks now and a review will be up soon, I promise!


where to buy korean beauty make up skincare in the philippines althea korea


Then I went HAM on concealers and underye brighteners. I recently ran out of my Maybelline FitMe concealer and have been using my back up concealer from The Saem (that I got from Althea too, maybe about 6 months ago) so I wanted to make sure I never run out. I have seriously dark undereye circles, so concealer is definitely one product I can never live without! I got the Ariatum Full Cover Liquid Concealer (Natural Beige), the Innisfree Mineral Concealer (03 True Beige) and the The Saem Cover Perfection Tip Concealer Brightener to test. I haven’t tried any of these so I can’t really say much about it but I promise to share my thoughts with you at a later date.


Then as I was contemplating on whether I should get another concealer from The Saem (I didn’t get it anymore, I felt that what I got was more than enough) I saw the limited edition Innisfree No Sebum x Emoji Mineral Powder (the emoji version is no longer available but their No Sebum Mineral Powder still is). Because I am a sucker for cute packaging and also because I recently ran out of my Essence Translucent Powder, I got this as well.


where to buy korean beauty make up skincare in the philippines althea korea


I also got two brow products because guys, #kilayislife right? (LOL). I have been eyeing the Witch’s Pouch Easy Drawing Eyebrow Gel (Brown) for some time now but it was always overtaken by some other brow product I’d see on Althea (they have SOOO many options). I finally took the plunge and got it along with thee Abbamart Belleme Easy Drawing Eyebrow Pencil (#1 Dark) because I need a new brow pencil for my on-the-go make up kit (aka the make up in my bag).


And last but not the least, I got the Ginger Sugar Tinted Lip Balm (Dreaming Coral). I am almost out of my favorite DHC Lip Balm so I thought instead of repurchasing that, maybe I’ll try something else. I hope I dont regret that decision hahaha – we’ll see if this can beat my holy grail (HG) lipbalm!


where to buy korean beauty make up skincare in the philippines althea korea


I also received loads of freebies because it’s their birthday month – a Pink Fruity Wash-Off Face Mask from Half Moon Eyes, a lip tint from Belle Journee in the shade Attitude Red, Neco Punch Point Pads which I believe are spot-masks and loads of samples from Whamisa and Aqua Blossom which are perfect for travel! They were so generous with the GWP’s (gifts with purchase) – I love it!

I am so happy with my Althea Turns 2 Birthday Haul and the freebies they included. I actually placed a second order a few weeks later to take advantage of their birthday promo (use the code ALTHEATURNS2 for a 10% discount until August 31 2017) which I will be sharing with you all soon.
If you are a Korean beauty fiend like me, make sure you follow Althea on Facebook and Instagram because they are still running their 20 Days of Beauty giveaway. Oh and if you received the special limited edition birthday box and birthday DIY decoration kits, be sure to post a photo of your box (get creative!) for a chance to win some epic prizes (Php10K shopping spree on Althea, trip for two to Korea, and more)!

where to buy korean beauty make up skincare in the philippines althea korea




Thank you so much for making it easy for us Pinay K-Beauty Addicts to get our K-Beauty Fix!



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