Affordable Skincare Regimen: Avon Anew Vitale

I have a confession to make… I don’t take care of my skin enough. I would only sporadically use toner and exfoliators and I’ve never used an eye cream prior to 2015. I always moisturized my skin, and of course use facial wash to cleanse but that’s just about it. This year though, I made it a mission to strengthen my skin care regimen because *ugh* I am not getting any younger.

I am lucky that I don’t have hypersensitive skin. I can use drugstore and premium products alike. That’s a good thing because I can try products from both ends of the spectrum and not have to worry that I will look like a pizza in the morning. Ha ha ha!

One of the things that Ive tried recently is the skincare line from Avon. I blame my aunt for this! She signed up to be an Avon Lady a few months ago and not a month goes by that I don’t buy anything LOL!

The line that I tried recently and found works great for me is the Avon Anew Vitale line. Since Avon products are affordable (products range between Php399 to Php899), I was able to get the entire line – cleanser, toner, serum, day cream and night cream. I’ve also been using the Avon Anew Clinical Eye Cream.

The eye cream is really good. It’s a dual system type thing where you put the gel on the eyelid and the cream on the under eye area. Since I have been using this, I noticed a slight change – the dark circles aren’t so dark anymore and my eyelid is smoother. I wish it made the skin on my under eye area tauter though. I have fine lines and wrinkles that are so unsightly 🙁

The cleanser is great too! It is able to remove all the make up without too much pressure. It leaves my skin feeling soft and supple and oh so clean.

The Toner is the star of the show. I have always been put off by toners because most of the toners I’ve tried in the past would sting so much. This one doesn’t have that stinging feeling – even if I accidentally run over my eye area with the cotton pad. I really enjoy using this!

The Serum is so-so. I find that whenever I put this on, my skin feels tingly and hot. I don’t know if that’s what serums are supposed to do but I am not a big fan of this one.

The day and night creams are also quite good. I use the day cream under my make up all the time and it doesn’t leave that slippery, sticky, icky feeling. The night cream is also good because I always wake up with my skin feeling fresh and soft like a baby’s bottom ha ha ha!

All in all, I think the Avon Anew Vitale line is a great everyday skincare kit. I still want to try the Kiehls Midnight Recovery serum though so that might be my next skin care purchase!

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