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A Quick Life Update and Giveaway Winners

Hey y’all, how are you doing? I have been quiet on here because life has just been so crazy (in a good way, I think). I had a few trips over the summer and although they were (so much) fun, they weren’t part of my daily routine and I realized that I am such a big creature of routine – when my routine is messed up, I find it difficult to function and be efficient HAHA. I think a bit of my being a control freak is coming out here, no? That and I’ve been getting a lot more work lately plus I started preparing my family’s meals. Guys, I have been getting more and more into nutrition! I enjoy researching healthy low-sugar recipes, vegetable based dishes and my family has been loving it! I think the reason why I started doing this, how and my favorite quick and easy recipes deserves it’s own blog post so I’ll work on that for you.
Anyhow, I am sure you are less interested with my update than you are about the giveaway winners. I had two giveaways recently – #NSMayGiveaway and #NSColourCollectionGiveaway. Thank you so much to everyone who joined. I really appreciate your comments and feedback on what you want to read more of on my blog. I was surprised so many of you want to learn more about Skincare and Plus Size Fashion! I have been wanting to share more about Plus Size fashion on here but I always hesitated, thinking that you guys won’t like it but hey, I guess I was wrong! I’ll work on getting you guys more of what you want in the future! 😉
Now on to the good stuff. Here are the winners for the giveaways!
Eyeshadow palette lipstick micellar water brow wax beautyMNL


#NSMayGiveaway winner – Jennifer Duran Timonel


Tupperware Colour Collection Instagram Contest Giveaway


#NSColourCollectionGiveaway winner – Stephanie Novio

Ladies, please send me your shipping details on or before June 16 2017! If I don’t hear back from you then, I will select new winners.
Again, thank you SO MUCH to everyone who joined! More giveaways coming your way soon, so stay tuned! <3


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