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A Look Back at the Year That Was and My Goals, Hopes and Aspirations for 2017

ninasinganon nina singanon beauty by nina


It’s so true what they say, time goes by so fast! I feel like 2016 came and went but not without leaving it’s mark. For me, 2016 was a year of… que sera sera. For both my professional life and my personal life, I was mostly going with the tide, letting it direct me instead of the other way around. Sure, I had great opportunities last year to learn, earn and save, but… I didn’t feel like I had my life in control. I guess after living life trying to always be in control and trying to deal with things myself (Hi, I am Nina and I am an OC Control Freak who hates asking for help, LOL), I had to learn how to let things be, let events unfold naturally. I had to learn how to let go and realize that it is okay to ask and accept help from people.

I also realized that I had a great support system – I mean, I knew I had these amazing people around me but the last year and a half really solidified that for me. Sometime late 2015 until early in the year, I was going through something rather challenging and my family and friends never failed to make me feel loved. I never felt alone. I never felt like I had to deal with the hurdles by myself. I was blessed with gifts, trips, experiences but most importantly, I was given the gift of knowing that I had a lot of “someones” who cared.

With all the challenges/hurdles/accidents/sad and annoying things that happened last year, I can still say I was blessed in 2016. Blessed to have an amazing set of friends and an awesome family. Blessed to have been given a number of opportunities to learn and earn. Blessed to have met new people who I know will only push me to be a better person. Blessed to be trusted by clients – my brides, prom princesses, debutantes, special events goddesses and forever young mommies/grandmoms/titas of Manila LOL. Blessed to have been given the opportunity to work with great brands. Blessed to have my talents. SO BLESSED to be alive.

So you know how people create New Year’s Resolutions? Well for me, I try to have a “word” or two that serves as my goal and my guide. In 2016, my words were “Inner Peace” and “Gratitude” and in everything that I did, I kept those two words in mind and it helped clear my vision, clear my heart and give me the direction that I needed. I spent the first week of the new year 2017 thinking what my guide words are going to be this year, and after much thought, meditation and consideration, I decided on “Growth” and “Balance”. I want to push myself and do more things that will help me grow as a person, help me grow my career, but always keep my balance and take the time out to relax and enjoy life.

As for the blog, part of what I want to achieve in 2017 is to come up with interesting content and be more consistent with posting. I have to admit that when life gets too busy, the first thing that falls on the wayside is my blog and that’s something that I want to change this year. I plan to post at least twice a week – that may not sound like a lot but seriously, it is challenging when you have 10,000 other things to do in a day and you’re OC so crap photos/crap write ups just won’t do LOL. I also hope to improve my photography – really take time to learn how to use my camera and eventually invest in better equipment (but for now, the Samsung NX Mini and Samsung WB350F will do. Right, that’s me trying to convince myself. Maybe writing this down will help me stop lemming for a DSLR LOL!) I also plan to host more giveaways! I had my first giveaway in the middle of last year and had two more towards the end of the year and you know what, it brings me so much joy to be able to share amazing products to my fellow beauty addicts! I have actually set up a “blog giveaway fund” so anytime I find something nice, interesting and works really well, I will dip into the fund so I can share the product with you guys – whee so exciting!

And so, with 2016 closing it’s door, I want to thank you all. Thank you for reading my blog and following my social media sites. Thank you for your support. To the brands who worked with me and shared their amazing products with me, to everyone who liked, shared and commented on my posts, to everyone who I interacted with on social media – THANK YOU! You have all inspired me in so many ways and you can be sure I have some amazing things planned for 2017. Cheers to the new year – another year filled with light, love and all things beauty!

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