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The year 2015 has come to a close and with the new year comes a whole new set of resolutions and goals (#GoalDigger? Yes! Ha ha ha).


Looking back at last year’s resolutions, I feel that I did quite well! I vowed to grow my hair long, which I have. I resisted the urge to cut my hair short mid-year ha ha! I also told myself that I should try and wear eye make up more just for fun, which I have as well. Another resolution was to simplify, so I got rid of a lot of things I no longer used or that I didn’t really love and made my kit as compact as possible. My biggest goal though was to learn how to work faster when doing hair and make up on others and I can say I have definitely improved – I still need to improve more but I have managed to cut my time in half – which is pretty amazing if I do say so myself ha ha!


Anyway, a new year means a new list of goals/resolutions. One of the biggest issues I had in 2015 was the lack of time – I became so engrossed and busy with life, studies and work that my personal care treatments (and a lot of times my personal health) took a back seat. I want to change that in 2016 – so here are my resolutions/goals for the new year:


SKINCARE. Especially Eye Cream

I need to face the truth that I am not getting any younger HA HA and I need to beef up my skin care routine. I also need to find (and use) a really good eye cream for my dark and wrinkly under-eye circles. I haven’t found one that works wonders so if you know of a good eye cream, do let me know please! I desperately need it!



Water is nature’s miracle drink!!! I swear, when I don’t drink as much water as I should, my skin would feel tight and dry, my hair would be brittle, even my nails would become flakey! So drink more water and hydrate more often for better health.

AU NATUREL HAIR. No artificial treatments!

I love changing my look and that includes changing my hair color regularly. There was even a time when I colored my hair every month for about two years and my hair died a thousand horrible deaths (ha ha). My goal this year is to NOT get any artificial treatments – mostly hair color but this includes cellophane, perms and straightening treatments – which I don’t get anyway – and anything that uses some type of foul smelling unpronounceable chemical.



HA! Another thing I sacrificed because I became so busy with life is sleep. I would go on for 36 hours straight – working, studying, running errands, sleep for 6 – 7 hours, and then get back into it. Not healthy AT ALL so this year, I want to have a better sleeping pattern so I don’t get sick as often or feel grumpy most of the time ha ha!



I never got into the habit of drinking vitamins. I remember when I was younger, I would need to be forced to drink vitamins ha ha ha! Now that I am getting older though, I see the value of taking care of your health so I need to get over my asinine fear/disgust of vitamins because it can do so much good for me.


I have brittle nails. I remember in my teen years, I could never grow my nails long enough to get a French Tip manicure and it frustrated me to no end (lol, primarily because my older sister often sported a French manicure and I would be so envious of her beautiful long and fresh looking nails). In the last couple of months of 2015, I would always cut my nails short and didn’t really take the time to get a proper manicure. This obviously has to change in 2016!


WEEKLY BEAUTY RITUALS. Nails, skin, hair.

I used to have a pamper/beauty day but because I became so busy last year, this was one of the things that fell into the cracks. I need to get back into this habit not just for vanity reasons but because if you look good, you feel good and that good feeling just translates to a lot of aspects of your life, you know? It’s definitely more than just a physical thing.

SHOP WISELY. Don’t fall into the hype.

I love learning about beauty releases, amazing beauty products, etc so I end up having a want list a mile long. I end up buying into the hype of “cult” products and while most are really great value products, some are just “meh” and not really a good investment for hard earned moolah. This year, I want to minimize that by not buying into the hype of products and really try before I buy so I don’t end up wasting money.



“Invest in good quality pieces/products”. Last year, I started to simplify my life by lessening my clutter (take note I said lessen, not get rid of completely because I still have a shit ton of things lying around that I cannot bear to part with. #HoarderAlert ha ha) and getting rid of things that I don’t really like, enjoy using or value. I want to apply the same principle to my make up and beauty things and not be such a hoarder. I want to invest in better products, better tools which I know will ultimately help me in becoming a better artist.



When I find something that works, I don’t feel the need to change it so more often than not, new beauty products that come into my possession are usually hidden away in my beauty storage and end up being usedΒ once in a blue moon. I want to change that this new year and one way to help me make sure I end up using ALL the things I have in my kit is to have a regular beauty edit where I change ALL of the beauty products I use for a certain season or month. I also need to get over my “it’s too pretty to use” thinking ha ha ha – case in point my Charlotte Tilbury Bronze and Glow still remains untouched because I just like staring at it – I am crazy, I know. I need to use all the stuff that I buy and not just let it gather dust… then end up being thrown away or given away because that would be such a waste!


So those are my 2016 beauty goals and resolutions. Pretty long list, I know, but nothing too crazy that I wont be able to fulfill any of it… I think. Most of these are health related – not just beauty – and things that I should really do for myself that I haven’t been able to – primarily because of my schedule and life in general. I realized I should really make the time to care for myself not just physically but emotionally and mentally as well – a proper life balance. It’s so easy to get caught up in the things we need to do – life is pretty demanding after all – but it’s very important that we take the time to relax, take a break and recharge. We have to make it an essential piece of our life so we don’t end up running on empty all the time, you know what I mean? πŸ™‚


Whew, that was quite a wordy post! I hope you had a very Merry Christmas and may the new year usher in a season of greatness for all of us! Cheers to a brand new year full of hope and promise!

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